Rajasthan: Nearly 3 Lakh Attend Anti-CAA Protest Led by Ashok Gehlot

'They (BJP) are ruling in arrogance,' said the Rajasthan chief minister.

Jaipur: Non-BJP ruled Rajasthan on Sunday witnessed a massive peaceful march to ‘save the constitution’ against the amended citizenship law, led by the chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

It was joined by leaders of Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Aam Aadmi Party, Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Lok Dal and Janata Dal (Secular), along with members of the minority communities and civil society. Nearly three lakh people attended the three-kilometre march.

While demanding that the law be repealed, Gehlot claimed that it is an attempt to divide people in the name of religion and against the ideals of the Indian constitution.

“You divide people in the name of religion, you want to implement the agenda of Hinduism; hence, one after the other, you send a message to the people talking of nationalism. Are we not nationalists? You talk of religion, you do politics hiding behind the Army; you talk of Article 370, Ram Mandir. What do you want in the end?” he asked.

While targeting the prime minister, he said, “They (BJP) are ruling in arrogance. With the majority that they have, they can make laws but cannot win the hearts of people. The country is burning today. Fifteen people have died in violence in Uttar Pradesh and the violence is happening where BJP is ruling.”

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He claimed that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah want to recreate India on the basis of religion just the way Pakistan created itself and miserably failed. “Pakistan was created on the ground of religion but it could not remain intact and was divided into two nations, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

The chief minister demanded that the Modi government repeal the Citizenship Amendment Act and declare that National Register of Citizens will not be implemented in the country.

Deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot said that this is the first time that the whole country is protesting together. “Violence is happening, youths are on roads, they are protesting. The priority for a government, ruled by any party, should be that of youths, farmers. But the government at the Centre is not focused on real issues,” said Pilot.

(With inputs from PTI)