Palestine, Turkey and Uzbekistan Issue Commemorative Gandhi Stamps

The stamps were issued to honour Gandhi's legacy on his 150th birth anniversary.

New Delhi: To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Turkey, Palestine and Uzbekistan have released special stamps.

The stamp issued by Uzbekistan’s government is part of the “Outstanding personalities” series of its postal department and a similar stamp was also issued by Turkey. Palestine released a commemorative postage stamp to honour Gandhi’s “legacy and values”.

On Tuesday, Palestinian Authority’s minister of telecommunication and information technology Ishaaq Seder released the stamp in the presence of representative of India in P.A. Sunil Kumar at a ceremony held at the ministry in Ramallah on the West Bank.

Underlining Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence, values, wisdom and vision, Seder said:

“Palestine’s issuance of the commemorative stamp comes in honour of Gandhi’s memory, legacy, and values that guided and shall continue to guide the humanity.”

Kumar noted that the gesture to honour India’s ‘Father of the Nation’ symbolises the strong historical, political and cultural relations that India and Palestine share. He also highlighted Gandhi’s significant contribution to human development, stressing that his teachings of peace, freedom, respect and tolerance are still felt around the world.

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The Indian mission in Ramallah has organised several events over the past year to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi, drawing a huge response from all sections of Palestinian society, especially youth.

At a cycling event organised in the historic city of Jericho in June, the governor of the city, Jehad Abu al-Asal, said Gandhi is a “real source of inspiration” for the Palestinian society whose messages “will continue to inspire millions of human beings” around the world.

Uzbekistan, Turkey also commemorate Gandhi

According to The Hindu, Uzbekistan’s ministry of information technology and communications and the postal department issued a commemorative Gandhi stamp as a joint initiative. “The postage stamp has been published in the form of a postal block,” said a press note.

The 52 x 37 mm stamp bears the image of Gandhi with the backdrop of historic Indian monuments. It was designed by Sulaimonova U. and the image was sketched by Farmonova S.

The Turkish postal department, in a press release, said: “Gandhi pioneered the independence of the Indian subcontinent, dedicated his life to eradicating racism and discrimination, reducing poverty, making everyone equal and free.”