Fact Check: Israel Govt Falsely Claims Photos of Slain 4-Year-Old in Gaza Are of a Doll

The claim by the state of Israel’s official X handle that the dead child shown in the viral videos/images is actually a doll is false.

Against the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas war, the Israeli government on October 14 alleged that Hamas was trying to deceive the public by passing off a doll as a slain Palestinian child. On X (formerly Twitter), the state of Israel’s official handle shared a video and a photo of the said ‘doll’. The video is a compilation of two clips set to background music. The first clip shows a child being rushed to a hospital and the second clip shows what appears to be a lifeless child shrouded in white cloth. In the picture, the face of the child has been circled. The caption reads, “Hamas accidentally posted a video of a doll (yes a doll) suggesting that it was a part of casualties caused by an IDF attack”. (Archive)

The claim that a doll was being portrayed as a slain child quickly gained widespread attention. Other official Israeli social media accounts, such as the Embassy of Israel in France and the Embassy of Israel in Austria, followed suit by referring to the child featured in the viral video as a doll.