Watch | If Telecom Mess Is Not Resolved, We Are Headed For A Duopoly: Former TRAI Chairman

The Wire speaks to Rahul Khullar about what is ailing the telecom industry.

In an interview with The Wire, former TRAI chairman Rahul Khullar says that it’s difficult not to agree with Vodafone CEO’s comments that there is regulatory bias in India. Khullar also added that if the government doesn’t wake up to the magnitude of the current crisis, the industry could be headed for a duopoly with only two companies left standing.

“From a domestic investor perspective, there is a concern that why didn’t the government wake up and sort out this telecom mess [AGR issue] earlier. Why did it wait for this crisis?

“I think they have not come to grips with the magnitude of the problem and the gravity of the situation. And they don’t understand, sadly speaking, what is happening in the industry and the magnitude of the money that is involved.”

“It is definitely the case that if this is not resolved in some way, then you are headed for a duopoly,” Khullar said, adding that the revival of BSNL and MTNL are mere symbolic acts that are unlikely to add to the competition in the sector.