Watch | Jamia Denies Admissions To ‘Selected’ PhD Candidates Under Mysterious Circumstances

The only reason university authorities provided for the cancellation of admissions of around 80 'provisionally selected candidates' was an 'unavailability of faculty'.

On August 11 this year, Jamia Millia Islamia university released a list candidates selected for PhD programmes from various departments. After the date for admissions was postponed three times, these selected students were finally called to campus on September 12.

However, around 80 of these ‘provisionally accepted students’ then found their names absent from the final list of selected PhD candidates. And the only reason for this furnished by university authorities was an ‘unavailability of faculty’.

Many questions have sprung up regarding the incident: why were these students ‘selected’ at all if the university couldn’t accommodate them? Is not having enough faculty a reasonable justification for a central university to give?

The students, for their part, have heavily criticised the university for the abrupt cancellation of their admission after an intensive, months-long application process. Is there any truth behind the claims of some students and teachers, made in private, that the university is suffering from a shortage of funds?

To know the answers to these questions and hear what the students have to say, watch the video below.