Twitter Deletes Kangana Ranaut's Tweets For Violating Rules

Twitter's action comes two days after Ranaut had responded to a tweet by Rihanna and called the protesting farmers 'terrorists'.

New Delhi: Twitter on Thursday deleted three tweets by Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut, citing platform rules’ violation. In one of the tweets, the actor talked about “eradication” of “cancer” from the “body of this nation”.

In place of the tweets, a message by the social media platform states, “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.”

According to reports, the other removed tweets referred to the ongoing farmers’ protests. Ranaut has been vocal over the agitation, criticising farmers and exhibiting support in favour of the Narendra Modi government.

The removed tweet said “the cancer in the body of this nation… has been located, identified”. She said now the “process of eradication will start”.

In another tweet, Ranaut called out cricketer Rohit Sharma over alleged non-partisan attitude.

The microblogging platform’s action comes two days after Ranaut responded to a tweet by pop singer Rihanna, calling the protesting farmers “terrorists” and the singer a “fool” for chiming in the matter.

Rihanna had shared a CNN article about New Delhi’s internet shutdowns as a way of suppressing the farmer protests.

Last month, Ranaut’s handle was briefly suspended after she posted a tweet in reference to the controversy around Amazon Prime Video series Tandav. In the tweet, the actor had used the phrase “time to take their heads off”, which was reported by many users as offensive.

(With PTI inputs)