Watch | Behind England's Dramatic Implosion in the Cricket World Cup

Cricket commentator Alison Mitchell dissected England's performance with Sharda Ugra for 'Out of the Park.'

England are now out of the cricket World Cup, after their 33-run defeat to Australia this weekend.

Alison Mitchell, cricket commentator for BBC Test Match Special and ABC Grandstand, dissected England’s dramatic implosion, with Sharda Ugra for Out of the Park.

Illustration: Pariplab Chakraborty

Even with the background of a thrilling Ashes, Mitchell said that England’s preparation of the defence of their World Cup title had turned into “a big muddling mess, ultimately.”

Additionally, Mitchell also discusses why the ODI format of cricket cannot and should not be banished, why and how it is a central skill-builder in women’s cricket, and why cricket should find its way into the Olympics.