Watch | Kashmir Is Witnessing Most Dangerous Terrorism Since 2019: Former R&AW Head A.S. Dulat

Dulat said that he believes this is the work of a professional independent terror cell located in Srinagar, which is linked to Pakistan.

In a disturbing interview which paints a very worrying picture of the sharply increased terrorism in the Kashmir Valley, a former head of R&AW and one of India’s foremost security experts on Kashmir has said the Valley is experiencing “the most dangerous terrorism since August 2019”.

What’s worse is, this time it’s occurring in the heart of the Valley, i.e. the capital Srinagar. A.S. Dulat said that he believes this is the work of a professional independent terror cell located in Srinagar. He said this cell is clearly linked to Pakistan. Its work is far more professional than anything we have seen in the last three years.

In a 44-minute interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire, Dulat said the administration has no idea of who are the members of this terror cell or where they are located. He also said that the number of overground workers connected to militant groups and other people who are sympathetic to militant groups has grown in the Valley. He added that the influence of the Jamaat has spread right through the administration, including the police.

Citing the killing of Rahul Bhat, Dulat said the terrorists knew exactly where he was, in which building and in which room, and were able to kill him and escape without being caught. Concurring with the Hindu, Dulat said that the terrorists appear to have access “to police data on who works in different wings”. He further agreed that this means they have infiltrated the security system.

Dulat told The Wire he agrees with the view that one of the targets of the terrorists are “migrant pandits who are getting government jobs, especially in departments which are important for demographic changes”.

He said the situation is “very bad” and that it could get worse.

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Dulat identified two principal reasons for the anger, rage and the sharp increase in terrorism in the Valley. The first reason is the perception that the Narendra Modi government is attempting to demographically change the character of the state, and the second reason is a response to the treatment of Muslims in the country.

He agreed with former chief minister Farooq Abdullah that the Kashmir Files movie has also “infused hatred among the youth in Kashmir”, and added that Abdullah should be taken “very seriously”.