Renowned Academics, Artists Support K. Satyanarayana, Condemn NIA 'Harassment'

Signatories of the letter include renowned names like professors Noam Chomsky, Barbara Harris-White and Jan Breman; leading writers and poets like K. Satchidanandan, Mridula Garg and Geeta Kapur; and artists like Sudhir Patwardhan and Vivan Sundaram.

New Delhi: A group of more than 700 academics, activists, artists and others have come together to condemn the harassment and arrests of right activists, academics and lawyers in the Elgar Parishad/Bhima Koregaon case. They have expressed their solidarity with Professor K. Satyanarayana, who teaches at the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) in Hyderabad, and has been summoned for questioning the case by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Signatories of the letter include renowned names like professors Noam Chomsky, Barbara Harris-White, Jan Breman, Susie Tharu, Sumit Sarkar, Tanika Sarkar, Prabhat Patnaik, John Harris, Gyan Prakash, Rajeswari Sunder Rajan and Utsa Patnaik; leading writers and poets like K. Satchidanandan, Mridula Garg, Geeta Kapur and Gita Hariharan, artists like Sudhir Patwardhan and Vivan Sundaram.

Satyanarayana is the son-in-law of poet Varavara Rao, who was arrested in the case in 2018. He was questioned earlier too, and has repeatedly held that he has no connection either to the Elgar Parishad event (which the NIA is claiming was used to plan the violence against Dalits at Bhima Koregaon) or the violence itself. He has also stated that investigators used casteist slurs against him, and that he is being made a scapegoat because of his Dalit identity.

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“We see this attempt to harass K. Satyanarayana and K.V. Kurmanath and the arrest of Kabir Kala Manch activists as all of a piece – as part of the frenzied attempts by an insecure regime to browbeat critical and dissenting voices of scholars, journalists and concerned citizens in order to muzzle all kinds of democratic aspirations. We affirm that we stand with them and will continue to support critical voices like theirs, despite the attempts to scare us into submission,” the statement says.

Read the full text below.


We, the undersigned academics, journalists and concerned citizens strongly condemn the fresh round of harassment and arrests of academics and activists by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is trying to implicate them in the Bhima Koregaon case. After Partho Sarathi Ray, the NIA has now summoned Prof Satyanarayana and senior journalist KV Kurmanath to appear before it on 9 September. And even as these summons were being served, the NIA has also arrested Sagar Gorkhe and Ramesh Gaichor of the Kabir Kala Manch in connection with the same case.

Dr. K. Satyanarayana is Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. He has been instrumental in establishing Dalit Studies as an academic discipline and has a formidable reputation as a scholar and teacher.

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In a message to friends, in which he shared this news, Satyanarayana has said that he was directed to “appear before the NIA as a witness under section 160 Cr.PC and also u/s 91 of Cr. PC on 09.09.2020. My co-brother K.V. Kurmanath, a senior journalist, was also summoned to appear at the same time and date”. They have been summoned ostensibly to record their statements but it is evident that it is meant to coerce him and KV Kurmanath to make statements that will implicate their father-in-law, the revolutionary poet, Varavara Rao.

Satyanarayana has categorically stated the last time his flat was raided by Pune police in August 2018, under the pretext of collecting evidence against Varavara Rao, that he was in no way connected to  the Bhima Koregaon case.

In his message to friends, Satyanarayana has underlined that the NIA notice aggravates their family distress at a time when, as it is, Varavara Rao’s health condition is not good and the pandemic is fast spreading in Mumbai. There have been worrying reports about Varavara Rao’s deteriorating health condition in the media.

We see this attempt to harass K. Satyanarayana and K.V. Kurmanath and the arrest of Kabir Kala Manch activists as all of a piece – as part of the frenzied attempts by an insecure regime to browbeat critical and dissenting voices of scholars, journalists and concerned citizens in order to muzzle all kinds of democratic aspirations. We affirm that we stand with them and will continue to support critical voices like theirs, despite the attempts to scare us into submission.

Name Profession/ Affiliation City
Aditya Nigam Academic Delhi
Subhash Gatade New Socialist Initiative Delhi
Shabnam Hashmi Social Activist Delhi
Nivedita Menon Professor, JNU Delhi
Ravi Sundaram CSDS Delhi
Ramesh Dixit Professor (retd) , President , Samvidhan Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh Lucknow
Dev Desai ANHAD Ahmedabad
Peter R deSouza Retd Professor Goa
Arundhati Ghosh Cultural Practitioner Bangalore
Renu Ambedkar University Delhi Delhi
G. Arunima Professor, JNU New Delhi
Biswajit K. Bora Academic, University of Delhi Delhi
Nupur Mittal Assistant professor, DU New Delhi
Nilza Angmo Assistant Professor Ad hoc Delhi
P. Sanal Mohan Professor, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
Ayesha Kidwai Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
R Srivatsan Independent Academic Hyderabad
Svati Joshi Academic Ahmedabad
Uma Bhrugubanda Assistant Professor, EFL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD
Ravi Vasudevan CSDS Delhi
Prathama Banerjee Professor, CSDS Delhi
Navaneetha Mokkil Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi
Vinil paul Researcher Kottayam
Papori Bora Academic, JNU New Delhi
Saji K S Associate Professor Ernakulam
Shine P S Assistant Professor Ernakulam
Partha Pratim Shil Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge Cambridge, United Kingdom
Simona Sawhney IITD Delhi
Mrudula Devi S Editor Patabhedam Magazine Kottayam
Santhosh kumar K Journalist Thrissur
N.D.Jayaprakash Social Work Delhi
Dr.G. Ushakumari Associate professor Thrissur
Deeptha Achar MS University of Baroda Baroda
Janaki Nair Former Professor, Centre for Historical Studies, JNU Bengaluru
Pradeep Singh New socialist initiative Delhi
Mallarika Sinha Roy CWS, JNU Delhi
Jerry Thomas Private Firm Mumbai
Ravindran Sriramachandran Ashoka University Ned Delhi
Varuni 6 Azim Premji University Bangalore
Devika J Feminist Historian Thiruvananthapuram
Sowmya Dechamma C C UoH Hyderabad
Nikos Marantzidis University of Macedonia Thessaloniki Greece
chithra ks curator vadodara
k p reji artist vadodara
Lakshmi Kutty PhD student, Jawaharlal Nehru University Mumbai
Kumkum Roy Teacher New Delhi
Veena Shatrugna Medical Scientist (Rtd.) Bangalore
Raghunath Menon Academic Hyderabad
Santosh Kumar Dash Associate Professor, Arts and Commerce College, Savli Vadodara
Nathan Writer Mumbai
Maya Pramod Research Scholar, Thrissur
Rammanohar Reddy Journalist Hyderabad
M Madhava Prasad EFL University HYDERABAD
Navas M Guruvayoor Proposal Coordinator Guruvayoor
Johanna Independent Surat
Madhuri Adwani Podcaster and Storyteller Vadodara
Chitra Kannabiran Scientist Hyderabad
Liza Lamar Student Jowai
Apuurva Student Hyderabad
Susie Tharu Professor, Retd Hyderabad
Swathi Muthu K B Student Hyderabad
Meherin Roshanara Mental Health Activist & Writer Hyderabad
Sujatha Banker Bangalore
Sneha Ragavan Researcher New Delhi
Ms. Lekha Narayanan Assistant Professor, Visual Arts Kochi
Ananya Journalist Bangalore
Bhangya Bhukya Professor University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Virginius Xaxa Former Professor, Delhi University Delhi
Sreeja D Student Hyderabad
Sanmitha Research Scholar, EFLU Hyderabad
Kathyayini Dash PhD candidate Cape Town, South Africa
Apoorv Student Bengaluru
Vishal Ranjan Student Patna
Dr Pramod Bagde Assistant Professor of Philosophy, BHU Varanasi
Sravya content strategist hyderabad
Roni Ravikumar Student Trivandrum
LAJITH V S Assistant Professor Thiruvananthapuram
Akshit Jha Student/The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad
Nikita Dhanania Student, English and Foreign Languages University Kolkata
M S Haripriya Student Ernakulam
Surya Nandana Student, EFLU Hyderabad Trivandrum
Keerthi Sebastian Research Scholar, EFLU Hyderabad
Sherry Paul Sunny H.R. Mumbai
Anushka Srivastava Student Lucknow
diyanacancer@gmail.com Student Ernakulam
Sagar Krishna Ed-Tech employee Kayamkulam
Y Srinivas Rao Bharathidasan University Tiruchirapalli
Nandu Parvathy Pradeep Research Student, EFLU Hyderabad
Ananya y Student Bhubaneswar
Anns Maria Rajan Student Kochi
C P Geevan Independent Researcher, Former Senior Environmental Scientist Kochi
Arundhathi K Student Thiruvananthapuram
Mohamed Rameez Physicist, Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen
Asma Rasheed EFL University Hyderabad
Ahlam Abdul Salam Student Hyderabad
Neville Teaching Fellow Hyderabad
Anjal Lele A concerned citizen Pune
Eldhose K Shaji Student Kochi
Aveepsa Sarkar Student Kolkata
Shrimoyee Das Student Kolkata
Walter Fernandes Researcher Guwahati
Sweta Dutta Student Kolkata
P Madhavan Professor, EFL University (retd) Hyderabad
D Mohan Faculty Hyderabad
Sanchita Sarkar PhD scholar, EFL University Hyderabad
Vindhya Kumar Educationalist Bangalore
Sukanya Bhattacharya Student Kolkata
Jayaditya Student Bangalore
Simran Upadhyaya Student Kolkata
Satish Poduval Teacher EFL University Hyderabad
Aaheli Maitra Student Kolkata
Krishan Kumar Student Hyderabad
Debrupa Student Kolkata
Srijon S. Student Kolkata
Prakash Louis Researcher Varanasi
Sujoy Chakravarthi PhD Research Scholar, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad Hyderabad
Darun Subramanian Research scholar Hyderabad
Madhulica Kallatt Student, The English and Foreign Languages University Mumbai
Kulbhushan Karbandha Student Hyderabad
Charles Citizen Hyderabad
Riya Student Kannur
Udipto Phukan Student Bangalore
Arunima P Kumar Student Kochi
Gaurav Rajkhowa Tezpur University Tezpur
Akhila P. PhD student Visakhapatnam
Sulthana Student Kerala
Debdeepto Mukherjee Student Kolkata
shaunak student, EFLU hyderabad
Ankit Prasad Research Scholar, The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad
Pritha C Research Scholar Hyderabad
Apratim Chatterjee Student Kolkata
Ashalatha Translator / Language Editor Kochi
Binayak Assistant Professor Udupi
Yugantika Mohapatra Student Hyderabad
Shatabdi Ghosh Student Kolkata
Aparna Nandakumar Providence Women’s College Kozhikode
Chasmi Maria Chacko Assistant Professor, Kristu Jyothi College of Management and Technology Changanacherry, Kottayam, Kerala
Dr Bhabani Shankar Nayak University of Glasgow, UK Glasgow.
Arindrita Roy Student Kolkata
Jinu Elizabeth Assistant Professor, St Dominic’s College, Kanjirapally Kanjirapally, Kottayam, Kerala
Joms Antony Assistant Professor, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Kanjirapally, Kerala
A Oommen Scientist Gudalur
Elizabeth Antony Teacher Calicut
Shishir Gupta Student Hyderabad
Sunil Neeradi Student Hyderabad
Moinak Biswas Professor, Jadavpur University Kolkata
Mithraneelima Business Kochi
Naveen Kumar VADDE Admin Manager Hyderabad
Aritra Roy Student Kolkata
Githa Hariharan Writer New Delhi
Ujithra Ponniah Witwatersrand University Johannesburg
Ipshita Student, IIT Kanpur New Delhi
Rajeev B R Public Health Bangalore
Auromita Mitra Student Hyderabad
S. Durga Bhavani University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Tania Research Scholar Hyderabad
Vivek Dhareshwar Scholar-in-Residence Bengaluru
Sindhu Jose Alumni, EFLU Trivandrum
Spandan Sanyal Mountain guide Kolkata
Aditi Chowdhury Citizen Kolkata
Akhitha Swilha Student Hyderabad
Calvin George Michael L Teaching Bangalore
Aadhavan P Ph. D Scholar Chennai
Aditi Chowdhury Citizen Kolkata
Judith Misrahi-Barak Associate Professor, Dept of English, University Paul Valery Montpellier Montpellier, France
B.Shobha University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Moushumi Basu Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
Nandita Narain Associate Professor, St.Stephen’s College, Delhi University Delhi
Suraj IISER Pune
Sorinchon Rimai Student Hyderabad
Anand Zachariah Doctor Vellore
Firdaus Shireen Student. EFLU, Hyderabad. Bhubaneswar
Sukanya Kanarally Teaching Mysore
Ashruti Seventra Student Udaipur
Sakshi Mahajan Student Mumbai
Rochita Talukder Consultant , Social Development Kolkata
Adithya Manikumar Student Kochi
Komal D. Student/ Medical Ajmer
Shivaji k panikkar Retired Professor Vadodara
Anjana Mangalagiri Retired New Delhi
Angule Dazo Research Scholar Hyderabad
Shaveta Homemaker Hyderabad
Anupama Potluri Faculty, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Ashima Jose PhD Scholar, EFLU Hyderabad
Shivaji k panikkar Retired Professor Vadodara
Rajan Kurai Krishnan Ambedkar University Delhi Delhi
Jestin T Varghese Student Cochin
Sara Sub-editor Bangalore
Varna Student Thrissur
Philo Magdalene Student Chennai
Nathaniel Roberts University of Göttingen Göttingen
Dr Ketaki Chowkhani Postdoctoral fellow Manipal
Reia Anquet University Lecturer Grenoble
Vivan Sundaram self employes arrtist New Delhi
MICHLIN Monica Professor of Contemporary American Studies, Université Paul-Valery Montpellier 3 Montpellier, France
Anannya PhD scholar Hyderabad
Deepshikha PhD student Hyderabad
Jacqueline Williams Student Manipal
Rashmimala Visual Artist Vadodara
Ria De Dalit Camera Kolkata
Anita Cherian Ambedkar University Delhi Delhi
Ruchi Chaturvedi Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa
BAJRANG BIHAR। Teacher N. Delhi
Chandra sekhar Lecturer. Tadepalligudem
Nirali Artist Vadodara
Shamsul Islam Former faculty University of Delhi NCR
Aparna B Student Hyderabad
Goldy M George Editor New Delhi
AM Student New Delhi
Nathaniel Roberts University of Göttingen Göttingen
Gita Ramaswamy Publisher hyderabad
Mridula Garg Creative free lance writer New Delhi
Roblou Yann Assistant Professor Valenciennes
PORTIER-LE COCQ Professor University of Tours, France Tours, France
Udaya Kumar Professor, JNU New Delhi
Sandeep Bakshi Lecturer, University of Paris Paris
Ravi Prakash J Student Hyderabad
Parul Dave Mukherji School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU New Delhi
Marapatla Raja Chandrahas Student Hyderabad
I sign Indian Writers’ Forum Delhi
K.Laxminarayana Professor, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Selvyn Jussy University of Calcutta Kolkata
Collière Christine Enseignant-chercheur université de Bourgogne Dijon
L.Nageswara rao Retired Hyderabad
Rajkumar Hans Teaching and Research Amritsar
Bhavesh R Gohel Assistant Professor Anand
Parvathy P Research scholar, EFLU, Hyderabad Hyderabad
Nadia Yassine-Diab Senior lecturer in English Toulouse
Geeta Kapur Independent Art Writer Delhi
Ajay Mathew Jose Research Candidate, EFLU Hyderabad
Pradip Datta Retired Professor, JNU New Delhi
Vasundhara Rangaswamy Doctor Gujarat
Emil Mathew Student Kottayam
prashant kumar kain Faculty hyderabad
Theertha T N Research Scholar Kannur
Bindhulakshmi Pattadath TISS Mumbai
Aswin menon Student, eflu Hyderabad Hyderabad
Rajeev Chadayammuri Free Lancer Ernakulam
Joby Joseph Associate Professor, UoH Hyderabad
ameet parameswaran Assistant Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
Annie Siby Student Delhi
Aravinda Potluri Software engineer Hyderabad
Prajit K. Basu Retired Teacher Hyderabad
Pratima Senior Manager, IT MNC Mumbai
Aastha Chauhan Artist Bangalore/ Delhi
Sayan Chaudhuri PhD Scholar/JNU Delhi
Indu Kunari Research Scholar Delhi
Jayaseelan Raj Centre for Development Studies Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
Abhinaya Sridhar Student Mumbai
Jean-Yves TIZOT University Lecturer Grenoble (France)
Koonal Duggal University of Edinburgh New Delhi
Vineeta Bal Scientist Pune
Dinesh M Publisher Bengaluru
Anand Hari Student Kozhikode
Manohar Reddy NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad
Zinka Raveendra Babu Assistant professor Kadapa
K Srilata IIT Madras Chennai
Tirtha Pratim Deb Research scholar, EFLU-Hyderabad Hyderabad
Prasad J K Independent Vadodara
zinka Raveendra Babu Scholar Kadapa
Ramya Dronamraju Student Hyderabad
Jugal Ramnani Student Delhi
Jagdeep Chhokar Former Professor and Dean, IIM Ahmedabd New Delhi
Abhivyakti Student Mumbai
Lena Joseph Research Scholar, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyd Hyderabad
Amlan Asutosh Student Lucknow
Aran Bharatiya Instructional Designer Hyderabad
Alias Ali Assistant professor Kadapa
Mohammad Sambhaavnaa Institute Palampur hp
Manjula NGO Hyderabad
Indira Chandrasekhar Publisher, Tulika Books New Delhi
Arun Remesh EFLU Hyderabad Hyderabad
Jayasree Subramanian Academician Hyderabad
Amita joseph Advocate Delhi
Padmaja Shaw Rtd Professor, Osmania University Hyderabad
Jacob Copeman Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
Christiane Migette Université Sorbonne-Paris Nord (Paris 13) 93340 Villetaneuse
Divya Kalavala The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad
Pallavi Artist Delhi
Jasveen Jairath Concerned Citizens Hyderabad
Praveena Kodoth Teaching Thiruvananthapuram
Tanika Sarkar Retired professor Delhi
Sumit Sarkar Retired professor Delhi
Chitrabhanu Chaudhuri INSPIRE Faculty,  IISER Pune Pune
Elizabeth Cherian Research Scholar/EFLU Hyderabad
Rama melkote Teaching. Prof (retd). Osmania University Hyderabad;Telangana
M A Shakeel Advocate Hyderabad
K P Fabian Ambassador(Retd.) Delhi
Emily Dutta Student Kolkata
Meera Sanghamitra National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) Hyderabad
Kavita Singh Professor JNU New Delhi
Shaina Anand Artist Mumbai
Krishna V Research Scholar, The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad
Aloysius Professional Tirupur
Rupa Viswanath Professor, University of Göttingen Germany
Sandhya Srinivasan Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Mumbai
Anita Rego Independent consultant Hyderabad
Dhruv Public Health Professional Nashik
Venna Abhilash Ph. D research scholar, CHS/JNU New Delhi.
Kamalakar Counselor & Freelance Hyderabad
Navdeep Mathur Faculty, IIM Ahmedabad
Sudhir Patwardhan Artist Thane
Zeeshan Husain CSSSC Kolkata
Zoya Hasan Professor Emerita, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
Shubhangi Bhatnagar Alumna of EFLU, Hyderabad Jaipur
Rakhi Sehgal Labour Researcher & Activist New Delhi
K.Lalita Independent Scholar Hyderabad
Iliyas Teacher mehsana
Nicole Thiara Co-Director of the Postcolonial Studies Centre, Nottingham Trent University Nottingham, UK
Paresh Hate Migrant Solidarity Network – India New Delhi
Dr Jenni Ramone Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University Nottingham
Antonella Braida Université de Lorraine Nancy
Mamatha Karollil Academic New Delhi
Hugo Gorringe Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
Sipra Mukherjee West Bengal State University Kolkata
Jacob Tharu Retd Profesor , EFLU Hyderabad
Jyotirmaya Sharma Professor Goettingen
Alpa Shah Associate Professor, London School of Economics London
Prabhat Patnaik Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
A P Josy Advocate Raipur
Vijay Ivan Student Alappuzha
Ashalatha S MAKAAM Hyderabad
Professor Meena Dhanda Professor of Philosophy & Cultural Politics, University of Wolverhampton Wolverhampton, UK
Mamta Sagar Poet & Translator Bengaluru
Dr George Kunnath Research Associate Oxford
Sajaya K Independent Journalist Hyderabad
Arun Teaching Fellow-Ashoka University Delhi
Sudha Padmaja Francis Independent researcher, filmmaker Kochi
Abinash Rai Student Kalimpong
Manmeet Artist Delhi
Debjani Sengupta Associate Professor, IP College, DU Delhi
Vikas Rawal Professor, JNU New Delhi
Abinash Rai Student Kalimpong
Nikhila Student Kottakak
Prof.Mohan Rao Former professor at the Centre of Social Medicine  and Community Healt, JNU Bangalore
VANGURI KRANTHI KUMAR Research Scholar Hyderabad
Jens Lerche Associate Professor, SOAS University of London London
Mydhily Research scholar Hyderabad
Samantak Das Jadavpur University Kolkata
Sujata Madhok Journalism New Delhi
Ajoy Kumar Karnati Teaching New Delhi
Professor Sushil Khanna Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Kolkata
Rajashri Dasgupta Independent Journalist Kolkata
Kaneez Fathima Activist/Hyderabad Muslim Women’s Forum Hyderabad
Lissy Social worker Hyderabad
Sam George K Student Mananthavadi
Md. Samzir Ahmed Senior Lecturer, Uttara University Dhaka
Anugraha Student Mumbai
Raju AIQA New Delhi
Jonathan Galton Independent Academic London
Azhagarasan.R Professor of English, University of Madras chennai – 5
Harsh Kapoor sacw.net Montpellier
Abhilasha Kumari Retired Academic Noida
Akanshi Student Lucknow
Sunit Sengupta Retired Bangalore
Abha Jeurkar Researcher Bangalore
Tim Pringle Academic/SOAS, University of London London
Meena Gopal Academic Bombay
Dipak Phd Scholar Hyderabad
Dr. Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy Poet & Writer Bengaluru
Dr Subir Sinha SOAS London
Gayatri Singh Senior Advocate Bombay High Court Mumbai
Farhat Hasan Teacher New Delhi
Bishnupriya Dutt Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
Shweta Azad Freelance Researcher Delhi
Navjot Altaf Visual artist Mumbai
Nicolas Jaoul Anthropologist, IRIS- CEIAS Paris
Katyayani Retired professor department of Telugu, Kakatiya University, warangal Warangal
Sheela Prasad University teacher Hyderabad
Asmita Student Kolkata
H.Vageeshan Assistant Professor Hydearabad
Tom Higham University of Oxford Oxford
MT Ansari Professor, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Sumit Filmmaker,  writer. Kolkata
Deepti Dalit women collective Warangal
Maya Rao Theatre artist Delhi
Sandhya D Assistant Professor New Delhi
Shamuel Tharu JNU Hyderabad
Luke Brunel University London
Feyzi Ismail Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London London
Arun Mascarenhas IDC School of Design, IITB Mumbai
Tahsi Choedup Buddhist monastic, psychology student Hyderabad
Ajay Ivan PhD Cultural Studies, EFLU Hyderabad
Anne Waldrop Professor/ Oslo Metropolitan University Oslo
Shanthi Swaroopini Artist Hyderabad
Pamela Price University of Oslo Oslo
Eiluned Edwards Professor, Nottingham Trent University, UK Nottingham
Professor Pritam Singh Wolfson College, University of Oxford Oxford
Geoff Goodwin Lecturer, University of Oxford Oxford
Nancy Adajania Cultural Theorist and Curator Mumbai
Pinaki das School teacher Hyderabad
Ben Rogaly Professor, University of Sussex Brighton
Jan Breman Emeritus professor University of Amsterdam Amsterdam
Aditya Kumar Student, University of Calcutta Kolkata
Vitthal salve Doctor Wardha
Stalina Educator Kochi
Mandar Development Sector Mumbai
E. Sathya Prakash Reddy Associate Professor University of Hyderabad
Balmurli Natrajan Professor, William Paterson University of New Jersey, USA Wayne
B.Girija Devi Social activist Hyderabad
Rasila JNU Delhi
Aishwarya Visweswaran Concerned Citizen Hyderabad
Shreya sharon Student Delhi
Kopal Assistant Professor, AUD New Delhi
Indira Chandrasekhar Out of Print Magazine Bangalore
Khalida parveen Activist Hyderabad
S.Seethalakshmi Independent Researcher and Activist Hyderabad
Deana Heath University of Liverpool Liverpool, UK
Nikita Sud University academic Oxford
Dev Gangjee University academic Oxford
Mohinder Singh Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
Maryam Aslany Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Wolfson College, University of Oxford Oxford
Daanoune Karim Associate Professor of American Literature Puissalicon
Ashwin Subramanian Student, CeMIS, University of Göttingen Göttingen, Germany
Sneha Ray Barman Student at EFLU Kolkata
Gerald Netto University of Eastern Finland Joensuu
Agrata Doctor Panchkula
Akriti sharma Lawyer Panchkula
Prabhav Student Panchkula
M S Siva Raju Professor Hyderabad
ARYA P K Student Kerala
Arun Kumar N A Student Hyderabad
Jyothi A Writer and Activist, NFIW Bengaluru
Yugant Tamang Student Delhi
Simran Vijan Student Hyderabad
Prashanth PhD student Hyderabad
Dr Victoria Briault Manus University professor, France (retired) Grenoble, France
Swatija Retired Thane
Ishan Mukherjee PhD Scholar IIT Kanpur
Andrew Newsham SOAS, University of London Brighton
Shraddha Phd candidate Hyderabad
A. Krishna HumanRights Forum Hyderabad
Avinash Kumar Asst Prof/ JNU Delhi
Sumitra service to nation hyderabad
Mythili Student Bangalore
Jahangir Asgar Jani Visual Artist Mumbai
Padmini Mongia Professor, Franklin & Marshall College Lancaster, PA
Sandip K Luis Researcher New Delhi
Vishal Academics Bangalore
Nitya Rao Professor UEA Norwich
Supriya Chaudhuri Emeritus Professor,  Jadavpur University Kolkata
Ande pradeep Research scholar EFLU Hyderabad
Atul A Media Practitioner New Delhi
Wilfred Abraham Retd prof Kottayam
Saroj kumar Research scholar New Delhi
Sanchita JNU Delhi
Richard Toppo Erasmus University Rotterdam Den Haag
S Anand Navayana Delhi
Sukanta Chaudhuri Jadavpur University Kolkata
John Harriss Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University Vancouver
Sarmistha Pal University of Surrey, UK Guildford
Kevin George Existentialist Kottayam
Chitra Ramesh Student Kottayam
Megha mol Madhavan Student Kottayam, Kerala
Maya Pandit Professor (read) Kolhapur
Karin Kapadia Oxford University Oxford
Vidyut Bhagwat Retired professor of Women’s Studies Pune
Tejaswini Niranjana Writer and translator Bangalore
Sujata Shakeel Independent Journalist New Delhi
Shabana M Research Scholar Malappuram
Ashwini Mallikarjun EFL-University Hyderabad
Navaneetha Mokkil Jawaharlal Nehru university Delhi
Neeraj Narkar Writer Pune
Tapas Ray Independent researcher Kolkata
Radhika Govinda University of Edinburgh, UK Edinburgh
Arya Student Kerala
Susmit Sen None Delhi
Ravi Bhagwat Retd Businessman ,Environmentalist,Founder member Parisar. Pune
Simran Upadhyaya Student Kolkata
rahul chakravarty Retired kolkata
Christine PAGNOULLE University of Liège Liège, Belgium
Marina Rimscha University of Bonn, Germany Bonn
Bipasha Student Dehradun
Deepika Joshi PUCL Chhattisgarh
Deepak kumar CA (appearing) Gaya
Dr Divya Rao University of Warwick Coventry
Binoy Research Kottayam
Tapan Kumar Mallik Retd Engineer Halisahar, Kolkata
Nikhila H. Teaching and research Hyderabad
Tejaswini Madabhushi Hyderabad for Feminism Hyderabad
Ratik Asokan Writer, independent New York
Roli Varma Professor/ University of New Mexico Albuquerque
Santhosh S. Assistant Professor, AUD New Delhi
Chinnaiah Jangam Associate Professor Ottawa, Canada
alessandra mezzadri senior lecturer in development studies soas london
Mukulika Banerjee LSE London
Colin Leys Queens University Canada London UK
Richa M Columbia University New York
Rini Singh EFLU Hyderabad
Kaushal Kumar Artist, Teacher, department of painting, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Minu Basil Teaching Kattappana
Jenah Marketing professional Noida
Debashree Mukherjee Columbia University New York
Sandra S K Student Kannur
Akhileshwari Ramagoud Journalist and Academic Hyderabad
Duggirala Vasanta Retired Professor Hyderabad
Rita Kothari Ashoka University Sonepat
Thierry Di Costanzo professor Strasbourg
M V Raghuram Professor Guntur
Kham Khan Suan Hausing University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Jayati Ghosh Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
Cijo Joy Assistant professor Delhi
Kenneth Bo Nielsen Associate Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo Oslo
Ania Loomba University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Devanshi Chanchani Global Challenges Research Fellow, Brunel University London
Prabhat Kumar Education Bengaluru
Sarah Barbour Professor Emerita, Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC, USA
S banerjee Retired Mumbai
Alphy Rose Cyril One of the many students of EFLU Thiruvananthapuram
Sonima Jacob Research scholar Kottayam
G.B. Bagai Retd. New Delhi
Joel Lee Williams College Williamstown, Massachusetts
Belinda Student Alappuzha
Brinelle Dsouza TISS, JCoR, JSA Mumbai
Jyoti Punwani Freelance journalist Mumbai
Mallika Student Kanpur
Moachiba Student Hyderabad
K Satchidanandan Indian Writers Forum New Delhi
Amogh Dhar Sharma University of Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom
Lalit Vachani University of Göttingen, Germany Gottingen
A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi Professor of Economics and International Development Studies, Trent University Peterborough, Canada
Rahul Roy Academician Kolkata
Sharmila Samant Artist/ Professor Mumbai
Priya Chandran Assistant Professor Kannur
Gilbert Achcar Professor, SOAS University of London London
Asha EFLU Alum Bangalore
Deepa Krup University of Oxford Oxford
Mary JOhn Women’s Studies New Delhi
Satish Deshpande Delhi University Delhi
Shoshanna Tharu Freelance editor Gurugram
Saurav Rai Student Delhi
Goutam Basu Engineer Kolkata
O. Amrita Student Hyderabad
Catherine Paulin Unistra Strasbourg
Arvind Rajagopal Professor, NYU New York
Hashmi Self employed Noida
Kamini Tankha Concerned citizen New Delhi
Deepa Student Cochi
Prof A K MUKHOPADHYAY Retired Academician Kolkata
Ilan Kapoor Professor, York University Toronto, Canada
Gitanjali Joshua PhD researcher Hyderabad
Dr Vijay Rukmini Rao Feminist Hyderabad
Aparna Sundar Instructor, University of Toronto Toronto
RAVINDER S. RANA Teacher/ Université Grenoble Alpes Grenoble
Sheetal Chhabria Connecticut College New London, CT
Tom Mangattuthazhe UCF Guwahati
Murali Krishna TISS Hyderabad
Nandini Sen Researcher Edinburgh
Rachel Sturman Bowdoin College Brunswick, Maine, USA
Gurpartap Singh Student Mohali
Adrija Dey Research Fellow, SOAS London
P.Latchaiah Lecturer Gadwal
Gyan Prakash Princeton University Princeton
Deepak Student Chennai
Morn̩ Steyn UCT Academic РSouth-Africa Cape Town
Siddhartha Chaudhuri Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay Mumbai
Shreya Sankar Student Kochi
anandaroop sen Lecturer University of Cape Town Cape Town
Susie Tharu Retd Prof Hyderabad
Vasvi Oza Artist Banglore
Apoorvanand Teaching Delhi
Shreya Sinha Researcher, University of Cambridge Cambridge
Dickens Leonard Independent Researcher and Adjunct, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Michael Levien Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MD USA
Somrwita EFLU Hyderabad
Antara Dev Sen Journalist Delhi
Sheetal Tirkey Student Jharkhand
Iqra Mehboob Student, EFLU Hyderabad
Alok Mukherjee Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto (Rtd) Toronto, Canada
Sandeep Krishna National Centre for Biological Sciences TIFR, Bangalore Bangalore
Arpita chattopadhy Teaching Kolkata
Bhavtosh Bansal Scientist and Academic/IISER Kolkata Nadia, West Bengal
Meghana Rao Assistant Professor, Azim Premji University Bangalore
Manmeet Kaur Artist Delhi
Chinar shah Artist Bangalore
Tarangini Azim Premji University Bangalore
Suvrat Raju International Centre for Theoretical Sciences Bengaluru
Dr. Ajit Kumar Government of Uttar Pradesh Kanpur
Karuna D.W. Assistant Professor, Azim Premji university Bengaluru
Sk Samim Lawyer Kantabanji , Balangir
Abhijit Biswas Technical Manager Kolkata
Koel Das IISER Kolkata Kolkata
Sundar Sarukkai Barefoot Philosophers Bangalore
Ratheesh Radhakrishnan IIT Bombay Mumbai
Aasma Artist Delhi
Nilima Painter Vadodara
Ramesh Bairy Teacher Mumbai
Kunal dongre Self employed Nashik
maithreyi m r consulting editor mumbai
M.A. Baby Former Member of Parliament Thiruvananthapuram
Madhu Bhaduri Former Ambassador Delhi
Shouvik Saha Student Kolkata
Ila Ananya Azim Premji University Bengaluru
Kennedy Teacher Hyderabad
Nandini Dhar OP Jindal Global University Kolkata
Akash Bhattacharya Faculty, Azim Premji University Bangalore
Deb Prada Ray Mohapatra social work bhubaneswar
Sandesh P EFL University Hyderabad
Prashant Gupta Academic New Delhi
P Surendra Cartoonist/The Hindu Chennai
P A Azeez Freelancer Coimbatore
Alice W. Clark, PhD Principal, Clark Research Associates El Cerrito, California, USA
Shefali Jha Academic Hyderabad
S. Charusheela University of Washington, Bothell Seattle
Siddhartha Bhasker Assistant Professor, JGU Sonipat
Bhrigupati Singh Brown University Providence
Shalem raju student Hyderabad
Krupa Student Chennai
Korvi Vinayakala Academician/ Doctoral Researcher DU Hyderabad
Pranav Kumar Student Bhagalpur
Sunita Bandewar Social Scientist and bioethicist Pune
Rekha Pappu Academic, TISS Hyderabad
K Srilata Poet and Professor Chennai
Arya Research Scholar Kozhikode
Amit Singh IIT Bombay Mumbai
Teresa Hubel Professor, Huron University College, London London, Ontario Canada
Sumeet Mhaskar Associate Professor/O. P. Jindal Global University New Delhi
Le Coz Monique retraitée Brest
Achuth A Asst. Prof., St. Joseph University, Dimapur Thiruvananthapuram
Priyanka Dixit Student Hyderabad
Srividya Natarajan Professor, King’s University College London, Ontario
Harsh Public Health Professional Vellore
Deepti Mishra Teacher Bhopal
Subhasis  Bandyopadhyay IIEST, Shibpur Kolkata
Neha Kohli Student Hyderabad
Raja Mohanty Professor, IIT Bombay Mumbai
Shivam Tiwari Journalist Delhi
S Subramanian Independent Researcher (Economist) Chennai
Aroh Akunth Writer-Curator Göttingen, Germany
Mallarika Sinha Roy JNU Delhi
Siddharth K J Independent Researcher Bengaluru
Noam Chomsky Professor, U of Arizona Tucson Arizona
Sambhavi University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
Sudhir Maske Assistant Professor, Delhi University Delhi
Shiva Shankar Visiting professor, IIT Bombay Chennai
Ananta Social Activist, Lokmukti Sangathan Jharsuguda, Odisha
Rana Khan Social worker Toronto
Shreya Mohapatra Student Thane
Nandini Manjrekar Professir, TISS Mumbai
Chayanika Shah Retired Lecturer of Physics Mumbai
Vaibhav Vaish IISER Mohali Mohali
Swadheenananda Pattanayak Retired teacher Bhubaneswar
Chithra KS Curator Vadodara
Vineeth vasudev Engineer Mumbai
Supratik Chakraborty IIT Bombay Mumbai
Bindu Menon M Azim Premji University Bangalore
Manas Kumar Swain Advocate Cuttack
Bhanukiran P Assistant Professor Vijayawada
Oviar Pugazhenthi Teaching Chennai
Nitya V Assistant Professor, Azim Premji University Bangalore
Shilpaa Anand BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus Hyderabad
Amlan Das Gupta Retired Kolkata
Rosamma Thomas Journalist Pune
Indira C Public Health Researcher Delhi
R Rajmohan Concerned Citizen New Delhi
Noble Teacher Bangalore
Meenakshi Shedde Freelance journalist Mumbai
Urvashi Vidyarthi Doctor Lucknow
Gauri Shirke student mumbai
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan Professor, New York University New York
Anjali Dalal PhD Student, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, UK
Neeraj AUD Delhi
Aparna A MA Graduate Trivandrum
Dr Murali Shanmugavelan Consultant Researcher London
Anil Sadgopal Former Dean, Faculty of Education, Delhi University Bhopal
Gaura Shankar Narayan Associate Professor of Literature at Purchase College SUNY Purchase, NY
Pooja Assistant Professor Pune
Rachana Johri Professor Delhi
Sandhya Pow Hyderabad
M M P Singh  G S , Janwadi Lekhak sangh & editor – Naya Path Delhi
Rekha Awasthi Retired  D U teacher & writer of Hindi Delhi
Varsha Bhargavi #IWillGoOut Hyderabad Hyderabad
Sibasankar Nanda Journalist Sambalpur
Ajitha Katta Teacher Hyderabad
Jayan K Cherian Filmmaker New York
Sarada Natarajan Art Historian Bengaluru
Brahma Prakash Assistant Professor/ JNU New Delhi
Usha rani House wife Hyderabad
Sujatha Surepally Teaching Hyderabad
Maya K free-them-all.net collective Delhi
Rajender Kaur William Paterson University New Jersey, USA
S. Charusheela University of Washington, Bothell Seattle
Aditya Kumar Student, University of Calcutta Kolkata
Elizabeth Zacharias Teacher Hyderabad
Arun Mukherjee Retired Professor Toronto
Sharanya Cultural activist Rangmatipadar, Koraput, Odisha
Alia Somani Sheridan College Toronto
Moses Bollam Pastor New York & Hyderabad
Khem Guragain PhD Candidate Toronto
Rinchin Writer / activist , WSS Chattisgarh
Padma B Physician Boston
Nisha Biswas Activist Kolkata
Bindu K C AUD Delhi
Khem Guragain PhD Candidate Toronto
Asim Siddiqui Azim Premji University Bengaluru
Abha Sur Lecturer, MIT, Cambridge, MA Cambridge
Anomita Sen Citizen New Delhi
Anupama Potluri University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Anu Mandavilli India Civil Watch International Cupertino, CA, USA
Navya P K Editor Kannur
lokesh Artist delhi
Suneetha Women and Transgender Organizations Joint Action Committee Hyderabad
Baiju Vareed MacEwan University Edmonton, AB, Canada
R V RAMANA MURTHY Professor, university of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Ritambhara Shastri Journalist ( UNI) Delhi
N Venugopal Journalist Hyderabad
K.Laxminarayana Professor, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Abhishek Barla Student Ranchi
Gayatri Academic Delhi
R. Vijay Professor in economics, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Saumya Chakrabarti Visva-Bharati Santiniketan Santiniketan