RSS Leader Indresh Kumar Says Centre is Prepared With Law to Construct Ram Temple

He slammed the Supreme Court for "delaying, denying and disrespecting" justice in the Ayodhya land dispute case and said people were anguished against "two-three" judges.

New Delhi: Criticising the Supreme Court for “delaying” the Babri masjid land dispute case, RSS leader Indresh Kumar said that the Centre is ready to bring a law to enable the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya.

According to the Indian Express, he said that the Centre has been quiet about the issue because of Model Code of Conduct being in place due to assembly elections across five states. He was speaking at a seminar titled ‘Janmabhoomi mein anyay kyun‘ (Why is there injustice in Janmabhoomi?) at the Punjab University.

Referring to a Supreme Court bench led by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi’s decision to decide the hearing of the Babri masjid title case only in January, Indresh Kumar said the bench had “delayed, denied and disrespected” justice. He questioned if the country is so handicapped that it would let “two-three judges throttle its beliefs, democracy, constitution and fundamental rights”.

The RSS leader said that it was possible that the Supreme Court could stay a law that would permit the construction of a temple.

“Will you and I watch helplessly? Why, and for what? Jo aatankwad ko ardh raatri mein sun sakte hain, woh shanti ko apmaan aur uphas kar de (Should those who hear cases against terror at midnight insult and ridicule peace)… Even the English did not have the courage to perpetrate such atrocities on the judicial process,” he is quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

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However, said the “delay” and “disrespect” was not from the judicial system, but “two-three judges”. Kumar claimed there was growing anguish against these judges. “All are looking forward to justice. They still have belief… but the judiciary, judges and justice have been disrespected because of two-three judges… It should be heard early. What is the problem? Otherwise, a question arises: if they are not ready to deliver justice, they should think if they want to remain judges or resign,” the RSS leader said.

Right-wing Hindu groups have stepped up their efforts to hasten the construction of a Ram mandir in Ayodhya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also stated that the Congress “threatened” the Supreme Court judges who tried to hear the Ayodhya case.

The VHP held a “dharma sabha” in Ayodhya recently, where the demand to pass a legislation to allow the construction of a Ram temple was made. The lead up to the sabha was tense, with reports of several Muslim families fleeing the town, fearing a repeat of violence that led to the destruction of Babri masjid.

The Uttar Pradesh government, on the other hand, has announced the construction of a 221-metre bronze Ram statue in Ayodhya.