Since May 1, Private Facilities Have Administered Just 4% of COVID Vaccines

The data, submitted to parliament, confirms that the private sector has not been able to utilise its 25% quota.

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New Delhi: Government data submitted to parliament has confirmed that the private sector has not been able to utilise its share of COVID-19 vaccines. The government informed parliament that since May 1, less than 4% of the more than 105 crore doses were administered at private facilities.

The Rajya Sabha was told that as much as 96% (101.27 crore) of the total COVID-19 vaccine doses administered since May 1 were given at government centres, while less than 4% (4.07 crore) were at private facilities.

The Wire Science has in the past reported that the private sector was unable to utilise its 25% quota efficiently. In September, data showed that private hospitals had taken delivery of just 9.5% of vaccines. Even then, only about 65% of vaccines that were taken by the private hospitals from vaccine manufacturers were used.

Several chief ministers had pointed this out, requesting the Union government to reduce the private sector’s quota so that the pace of vaccination can be quickened.

The government also informed parliament that as of November 28, an estimated 83% of the eligible population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. So far, 78.19 crore beneficiaries have received at least one dose, minister of state for health Bharati Pravin Pawar told the house in a written reply.

Pawar also stuck to the government’s earlier statement that all eligible persons would be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by December this year. Experts have pointed out that this is very unlikely.

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