Watch | Rural India Is in Deep Distress, Unemployment Is Rising and Incomes Wiped Out: CPR

Mitali Mukherjee in conversation with Yamini Aiyar of Centre for Policy Research on the impact of COVID on rural economy and what measures the Centre must take to ensure Rural India is supported.

The second wave of COVID-19 was horrific not just with its intensity but also with its sweep. Rural India that seemed to have avoided the pandemic last year has been ravaged with death this time.

Enough reports have now documented pictures of the Ganga swollen with dead bodies. There will also be an enormous economic cost borne due to COVID-19, both in the form of escalating health costs and loss of livelihood.

Mitali Mukherjee spoke with Yamini Aiyar, president and CEO, Centre for Policy Research to understand the extent of economic damage and what measures the Central government must take to ensure Rural India is supported.