If You Wanted More Ration, Should Have Given Birth to More Children: Tirath Singh Rawat

Courting controversy again, the Uttarakhand chief minister also mixed up the US with Britain, saying the former 'enslaved' India for over 200 years.

New Delhi: Just days after coming in for criticism over his comments on women wearing ripped jeans, Uttarakhand chief minister Tirath Singh Rawat stoked another controversy on Sunday, saying people with fewer family members had received less government ration during the COVID-19 lockdown as compared to those who “reproduced 20”, creating “jealousy”, saying it was their fault for “not reproducing enough”.

Speaking at an event on the occasion of International Forests Day in the Nainital district, Rawat also said that India had been ruled over by the US for more than 200 years, apparently mixing that country up with Britain.

Referring to the distribution of foodgrain during the pandemic, the Uttarakhand CM said every affected household was given 5 kg of ration per member. “Those having 10 children got 50 kg while those with 20 got one quintal. People with two children got 10 kg. People built stores and found buyers,” Rawat said, adding that he never ate such fine rice.

“Who is to blame for this,” the CM asked. “Now you are jealous of it. When there was time, you produced only two. Why didn’t you produce 20,” Rawat said.

In the programme, Rawat also said that the US “enslaved” India for 200 years. “America, which enslaved us for 200 years, ruled all over the world…the empire on which the sun never set, is today struggling,” Rawat said, referring to the pandemic.

Reacting to the remarks, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala taunted the BJP over its selection of Rawat as the Uttarakhand CM.

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Modi, Surjewala said only he picks such “unique gems”. He also mocked Rawat’s statement that the US ruled over India for 200 years.

Rawat, who was sworn-in as chief minister of Uttarakhand just over ten days ago, has already made statements that have been criticised by opposition parties and activists. He claimed that women who wear ripped jeans pave the way for ‘societal breakdown’. These new comments will mean that Rawat will remain under the spotlight.

(With PTI inputs)