Podcast: The Whole Central Vista Revamp Process Has Been Undemocratic

In conversation with architect and author Gautam Bhatia.

The destruction of the Central Vista in the heart of Delhi has attracted a lot of criticism – for its cost (Rs 20,000 crores), for the demolition of existing buildings like the National Museum and the National Archives, for the complete lack of transparency of the process.

Architects and heritage enthusiasts have attacked it from the beginning. The public at large has been kept in the dark.

Among the critics is architect and author Gautam Bhatia. In this podcast interview with Sidharth Bhatia, he discusses the project in its entirety, saying that public projects all over the world are always open to scrutiny, which has not been the case here.

He wonders what will happen to all the treasures in the museum and the archives, and whether they will find a new home where people can access it.