Gujarat: A Day After Ram Navami Violence, Stone Pelting in Himmatnagar

Police are understood to have fired six tear gas canisters at the scene.

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A day after communal clashes took place in the Chappariya area of Himmatnagar district of Gujarat, one more stone-pelting incident was reported in the Vanzara area of Himmatnagar, despite Section 144 of CrPC having been in place in some of the areas.

The situation was aggravated when two mobs from two communities came face to face. Police are understood to have fired six tear gas canisters at the scene.


A police official has said that three cases have been registered in connection with the violence at Chhapariya of Himmatnagar. He told reporters, “More than 30 accused have been rounded up.”

CCTV footage has been scrutinised and more than 1,000 police officers have been deployed, he further added.

The first FIR mentions a formation of an “illegal group to carry out a pre-planned conspiracy” by setting a dargah on fire and damaging vehicles by setting them on fire and vandalising them.

In addition, efforts were made by people to harm each other and disturb the law and order situation by pelting stones and making provocative speeches against religions, police said.

Among those named in the FIR are Ahmed Hussain Gyassudin Syed, Shahrukh Pathan, Junaid and Shahrukh. Another group of about 50 Muslims, 50 Hindus and a group of about 50 other Hindus and Muslims, whose names are not known yet, have also been filed a complaint against.

Another FIR has been lodged by Police Sub-Inspector S.J. Chavda of the Local Crime Branch against Aspak Khan and a mob of 100 at Himmatnagar A Division Police Station. The FIR mentions that the accused used stones, glass bottles and sticks as weapons. This comes after a sub-inspector and a constable were injured in the April 10 incident.

The third FIR has been lodged by Police Sub Inspector J.G. Ode with the A Division Police. According to it, violence took place at Imamwada Chowk, Ashrafnagar town, Chhapariya and different places of Himmatnagar between 1.30 pm to 7 pm. The complaint mentions that the Ram Navami procession reached Chhapariya Ramji Mandir at around 1.30 pm with a tractor, open jeeps, a DJ and 300 people. During this, accused Aspak Khan, a leader of the Muslim community, collected stones and glass soda bottles to attack the procession and planned to carry out a criminal conspiracy, the FIR claims.

A policeman deployed for the security in the procession lost his life after allegedly coming in the way of attack.

Apart from police vehicles, residences, public and private property were set on fire, vandalised and damaged, the FIR stated.

This article first appeared on Vibes of India.