'Continued Harassment': Rights Activists, Academics Condemn ED Raids Against Harsh Mander

"We condemn these raids to harass and intimidate a leading human rights and peace activist who has done nothing but work for peace and harmony, consistently upholding the highest moral standards of honesty and probity."

New Delhi: As the Enforcement Directorate continued its raid on rights activist Harsh Mander’s home, office and a children’s home he helped set up, more than 500 academics, activists and others expressed their solidarity with Mander and condemned the ED action.

“We condemn these raids to harass and intimidate a leading human rights and peace activist who has done nothing but work for peace and harmony, consistently upholding the highest moral standards of honesty and probity,” the signatories said.

The ED on Thursday raided Mander’s home, the office of the Centre for Equity Studies which he runs, and the Ummeed Aman Ghar, a children’s home. This, the signatories argue, is nothing but targeted harassment by the Central government:

“Over the past year, Harsh Mander and the CES have been subjected to continued harassment by multiple state agencies. The false and malicious allegations by the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) were definitively countered by the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), a statutory body, which has filed a strong affidavit in the Delhi High Court, putting an end to the false allegations against CES.

“CES has also been subjected to harassment by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), and the IT department. All these vindictive efforts combined, have showed neither diversion of money nor any violation of the law. The current raids by the ED and IT department are to be viewed in this context, as part of a continuing chain of abuse of state institutions to threaten, intimidate and try to silence every critic of the present government.”

Mander has been a vocal critic of the Narendra Modi government, and his NGO’s research work has also highlighted the government’s failings in insuring an equitable, safe India for all. Mander and his wife had left on Wednesday night for Germany, where the activist is participating in a nine-month fellowship programme.

Find the full statement and list of signatories below.


This morning, September 16, 2021, officers of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids at the offices of the Centre of Equity Studies (CES) Delhi, headed by Harsh Mander. They also raided his private home in Vasant Kunj. The Income Tax (IT) department has simultaneously raided one of the children’s shelter homes run by an allied institution – Ummeed Aman Ghar in Mehrauli. More details are awaited, as these raids are on-going.

Mr. Mander is currently in Berlin, Germany at the invitation of the Robert Bosch Academy to join them for the prestigious Richard Von Weizsacker Fellowship.  The Robert Bosch Academy, founded in 2014 as an institution of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, offers international decision-makers, opinion leaders, and experts the opportunity for solution-oriented cooperation on issues of global relevance.

We condemn these raids to harass and intimidate a leading human rights and peace activist who has done nothing but work for peace and harmony, consistently upholding the highest moral standards of honesty and probity.

Over the past year, Harsh Mander and the CES have been subjected to continued harassment by multiple state agencies. The false and malicious allegations by the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) were definitively countered by the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), a statutory body, which has filed a strong affidavit in the Delhi High Court, putting an end to the false allegations against CES.

CES has also been subjected to harassment by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), and the IT department. All these vindictive efforts combined, have showed neither diversion of money nor any violation of the law. The current raids by the ED and IT department are to be viewed in this context, as part of a continuing chain of abuse of state institutions to threaten, intimidate and try to silence every critic of the present government.

We stand with Harsh Mander and with each person associated with the Centre for Equity Studies. The Constitution of India and the law of the land shall prevail, exposing these intimidatory tactics exactly for what they are – an abuse of state institutions to try and curtail all our rights.

S.No. Name Organisation  / Independent / Activists
1 Rajmohan Gandhi, Historian Historian
2  Julio Ribero, IPS (Retd.)  Former Police Commissioner of Mumbai
3 Admiral Ramdas Former Chief of Naval Staff
4 Aruna Roy MKSS
5 Prof. Rooprekha Verma Former VC, Lucknow University
6 Indira Jaising, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
7 Dr. Syeda Hameed Former Member, Planning Commission of India
8 Prof. Jean Dreze Economist
9 Arjun Appadurrai Anthropologist, Berlin
10 Vivan Sundaram Artist
11 Jagdeep Chhokar, Professor (retd), IIM, Ahmedabad
12 Shanta Sinha Former Chairperson, NCPCR
13  Medha Patkar, NAPM
14  Flavia Agnes Majlis, Mumbai
15 Prof. Amitabh Kundu Urban Studies Expert
16 Prashant Bhushant Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
17 Subhashini Ali Member Politbureau CPI (M)
18 Uma Chakravarty  Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
19 Madhu Bhaduri,  IFS, (Retd), Former Ambassador to Portugal
20 Shiv Shankar Mukherjee, IFS (Redt.) Former Ambassador to UK
21 Mihir Desai Senior Advocate Bombay High Court and SC of India
22 Kavita Krishnan General Secretary, AIPWA
23 Prof Apoorvanand, General Secretary, AIPWA
24 Henri Tiphagne, People’s Watch
25  Annie Raja  Gen Sec. NFIW
26 Ravi Kiran Jain President, PUCL
27 V.Suresh General Secretary, PUCL
28 Anand Grover Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
29 Colin Gonsalves Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
30 Bharat Bhushan Columnist
31 Anand Sahay Columnist
32 Aakar Patel Amnesty India
33 Abdul Hafiz Lakhani Editor siyasat dot net
35 Abha Bhaiya Feminist Activtis
36 Abhay Kumar Social Activist
37 Abhinandan Sekhri News Laundry
38 Abhisikta Dasgupta Performance Researcher-Practitioner
39 Abraham Mathai Human Rights Worker, Mumbai
40 Abu Mohammed Sajid Basha Activist
41 Achin Vanaik  Retd prof, New Delhi
42 Adhiraj Sarin Indendent
43 Aditya Mukherjee Retired Professors, JNU
44 Aditya Shrivastava Lawyer, Dekhi
45 Adv. Sachin Godambe Social Activist & Freelance Journalist) Pune
46 Adv.Ansar Indori National Confederation of Human Rights Organization’s (NCHRO)
47 Ajay Prakash Editor, Janjwar
48 Ajey Saxena PUCL Pratapgarh
49 Akash Banerjee Desh Bhakt
50 Akhil Chaudhary Lawyer and PUCL
51 Alaka Basu Professor, Cornell University
52 Alok Jain Independent
53 Amala Dasarathi Advocate
54 Amit Gupta Business man
55 Amita Cherian Advocate
56 Amita Joseph Activist
57 Amitabh Kundu Independent
58 Ammu Abraham Feminist Activist
59 Amod Shah Independent
60 Amrit Kumar Goldsmith Independent
61 Amrita Chhachhi Photographer, Delhi
62 Amrita Johri Social Activist
63 Amrita Shodhan Independent
64 Anand Chakravarty Academic
65 Anand K Sahay Columnist
66 Anand Patwardhan Film Maker
67 Anand Vardhan Singh The Public India
68 Anant Bhatnagar PUCL Rajasthan
69 Anant Maringanti HUL
70 Ania Loomba Academic
71 Anil Kumar Activist
72 Anita Agnihotri, IAS Former Secretary, Department of Social Justice Empowerment, GoI
73 Anita Mathur Azad Foundation
74 Anita Rampal Educationist
75 Anjali Bharadwaj Social Activist
76 Anjor Bhaskar Right to Food and Work Campaign
77 Ankita Aggarwal Researcher
78 Anju Nayal PUCL Ajmer
79 Anna Dani, IAS, Retd Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra
80 Anubha Rastogi Advocate
81 Anuradha Marwah Ajmer Adult Litreacy Association
82 Anwar Ali Inpendent
83 Apar Gupta Advocate
84 Aparna President, India Federation of Trade Unions
85 Archana Prasad  JNU
86 Arif Jafar Naz Foundation International
87 Arjun Appadurai Anthropologist, Berlin
88 Arun Gupta Child and Nutrition Expert
89 Arun Kumar Retd Prof. JNU
90 Arun Vyas Advocate PUCL
91 Aruna Rodrigues Food Rights Activist
92 Aruna Roy MKSS
93 Arundathi V Social Arts Practioner, himachal pradesh
94 Faisal Khan Khudai Khidmatgar
95 Arundhati Dhuru National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)
96 Asawari Kapur Independent
97 Asha Kalra Children and woman welfare society
98 Asha Kotwal Dalit women fight
99 Asha Mishra Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti
100 Asha Sharma Secretary, AIDWA Delhi
101 Asha Sharma Secretary, AIDWA Delhi
102 Ashish K Mishra The morning context
103 Ashma Izzat Advocate
104 Ashok Kumar Sharma, IFS, Retd Former MD, State Forest Development Corporation, Govt. of Gujarat
105 Ashok Verma Convenor, Jharkhand Loktantrik Manch
106 Ashrfi Prasad Right to food Campaign Jharkhand
107 Ashwani Kumar Paliwal PUCL Udaipur
108 Aunohita Mojumdar Freelance Journalist
109 Aurobindo Behera, IAS Former Member, Board of Revenue, Govt. of Odisha
110 Avantika Srivastava Social Activist
111 Avinash Mohananey, IPS Former Director General of Police, Govt. of Sikkim
112 Ayeesha Rai National Network of Sex Workers
113 Aysha Right to food Campaign
114 Balram Right to food Campaign Jharkhand
115 Barun Bandhopadyay Editor People’s Reporter
116 Beena Jadav Rahethan Adhikar Manch -Gujarat
117 Bela Bhatia Activist
118 Bhanwar Meghwanshi PUCL Rajasthan
119 Bhanwari Bai Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Ajmer
120 Bharat Vishakha: Women’s Research and Resouce group
121 Bharat Dogra Independent
122 Bhaswati HUL
123 Bhavna Sharma Social Activist,  Anhad
124 Bidyut Mohanty Academic
125 Binayak Sen Human Rights Worker and PUCL
126 Bindu Singh Right to Food, UP
127 Binod Kumar Social Activist, Ranchi
128 Biswa soren Right to Food Campaign, Jharkhand
129 C B Choudhary Samajwadi Jan Parishad
130 Chander Independent
131 Chandra Kala Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan
132 Chandrakant Chaudhari Social Activist, Bhusaval
133 Chandrashekhar Balakrishnan. IAS, Retd. Former Secretary, Coal, GoI
134 Chayanika Shah Queer Feminist Researcher, Mumbai
135 Chetan Gollapalli Independent
136 Chhaya Pachauli Centre for Health and Equity, Jaipur
137 Clifton D’Rozario National Convenor, All India Lawyers Association for Justice
138 Cynthia Mathew CJ Independent
139 D. Geetha Advocate Activist
140 D. L. Tripathi PUCL Rajasthan
141 D. Leena  
142 Deb Mukharji, IFS Former High Commissioner to Bangladesh and former Ambassador to Nepal
143 Debmalya Nandy Nrega Sangharsh Morcha
144 Deepak Kalra Disabled Rights Expert
145 Denzil Fernandes Academic, Delhi
146 Deshdeep Dhankhar University of Hyderabad
147 Dev Benegal Film Director
148 Dev Desai Human Rights activists, Ahmedabad ANHAD
149 Dhanya Rajendran The news minute
150 Dilip D’Souza Writer, Bombay
151 Dipali Taneja Independent
152 Dipani Sutaria Gujarat
153 Divakar Narayanra Independent
154 Dr  Kochurani Abraham ICWM, Kerala
155 Dr Ashok Dhawale National President, All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS)
156 Dr Raja Ram Retired Faculty, Delhi University.
157 Dr RatiRao E AIPWA
158 Dr Saif Mahmood Advocate, Supreme Court of India
159 Dr Sunil Kaul Ex- Advisor to the SC Commissioners
160 Dr Sunilam Kisan Sangharsh Samiti and Bahujan Samwad.
161 Dr V. Lakshminarayana AIPF, PUCL
162 Dr. Akash Bhattacharya Faculty Member, School of Education,  Azim Premji University
163 Dr. Alaka Rao Public Health Consultant
164 Dr. Asha Kaushik Rajasthan University Women’s Association
165 Dr. Ashok Dhawale President – AIKS
166 Dr. Jyothi Krishnan RTI NETWORK KERALA
167 Dr. Kanchan Mathur Women Studies Consultant
168 Dr. Laad Kumari Jain Rajasthan University Women’s Association
169 Dr. Malti Gupta RUWA and NFIW
170 Dr. Mohammed Hasan Independent Academic
171 Dr. Pawan Surana Rajasthan University Women’s Association
172 Dr. Pritam Pal Women Studies and Public Health Consultant
173 Dr. RatiRao E. AIPWA , PUCL
174 Dr. Renuka Pamecha Women’s Rehabilitation Group
175 Dr. Saroop Dhruv Cultural Activist, Gujarat
176 Dr. Shobhita Rajagopal Women Studies Consultant
177 Dr. Smriti Rao Professor, Economics and Global Studies, Assumption University
178 Dr.Meeta Singh PUCL and Foundation for the Dignity of the Girl Child
179 Dr.Mohan Rao Former Professor at  JNU
180 Dunu Roy Social Activist and Thinker
181 E A S Sarma Visakhapatnam
182 Elina Horo Adivasi Women’s Network
183 Ena Zafar Human Rights Activist
184 Eshwarappa M ESG India
185 Faizan Alam Filmmaker, Activist
186 Fatema Indendent
187 Father Jothi SJ Human Rights Activist, Tripura
188 Feroze Mithiborwala India Palestine Solidarity Forum
189 Francis Parmar Independent
190 Ganatantrik Adhikar Surakhya Sangathan  Odisha
191 Ganga ram Paikra Right to Food Campaign Chhattisgarh
192 Gautam Mody New Trade Union Initiative
193 Gayatri Singh Senior  Advocate Bombay High Court
194 Geeta Kapur Art Critic, Delhi
195 Geeta Seshu Co-editor, Free Speech Collective
196 George Thomas Orthopaedic Surgeon, Chennai.
197 Ghanshyam Shah Ahmedabad
198 Girija Boddupalli Oxfam
199 Githa Hariharan Writer
200 Gladston Xavier Professor in social work.
201 Gopal Menon Film Maker
202 Gopalan Balagopal, IAS, Retd Former Special Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal
203 Gurjeet Singh Right to Food Campaign, Jharkhand
204 Gutta Rohith Human Rights Forum, AP and TN
205 Harkesh Bugalia Rajasthan Nirman Env General Worker Union
206 Harsh Kapoor Mainstream Weekly
207 Harsh Sethi Independent
208 Hasan Abdullah New Delhi
209 Hasina Khan On behalf of Bebaak Collective
210 Hasina Khan Bebaak Collective
211 Hemantkumar Shah Economist, Gujarat
212 Himanshu Kumar Gandhian Activist, Goa
213 Hiren Gandhi Cultural Activist
214 I D JAMES Indendent
215 Indira Hirway Centre For Development Alternatives Ahmedabad
216 Indira Pancholi Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Ajmer
217 Indu Chandrasekhar Tulika Books
218 Indu Prakash Singh President, Forum Against Corruption & Threats.
Facilitator, CityMakers Mission Internationals
219 Intekhab Qamar Social Activist
220 Ira Raja Faculty, Delhi University
221 Jagdeep Chhokar Professor (Retired), IIM Ahmedabad
222 Jagmati Sangwan Bheem Awardee, Volleyballer
223 Jahnvi Andharia Independent
224 James Anthony PUCL Bharatpur
225 James Herenj Right to Food Campaign, Jharkhand
226 Javed Anand Journalist
227 Jawahar Mehta Activist
228 Jawahar Mehta Social Activist, Jharkhand
229 Jaya Mehta Economist
230 Jayasree Subramanian Activist
231 Jeevika Shiv Advocate and Feminist Activist
232 Johanna Social Activist
233 John Dayal Writer and Activist
234 John Dsouza Documentalist, Mumbai
235 Johra chhipa Housing Rights Human Rights Groups-Gujarat
236 Julio Ribeiro, IPS Retd. Former Adviser to Governor of Punjab & former Ambassador to Romania
237 Jyoti Punwani Freelance Journalist, Mumbai
238 K Ramnarayan Ecologist & Educator, Uttarakhand, India
239 Kabi Sherman Social Activist
240 Kailash Kumbhakar Acaedmy for Socio Legal Studies,
241 Kailash meena PUCL Rajasthan
243 Kamal Jaswal, IAS Former Secretary, Department of Information Technology, GoI
244 Kamayani Bali Mahabal Punjab Women Collective
245 Kameshwari Jandhyala Hyderabad
246 Kamyani Swami Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan
247 Kanishka Gupta Write and Publisher
248 Karen Gabriel Independent
249 Karuna John Writer, Editor, Translator, Teacher
250 Karuna Phillip Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Ajmer
251 Kashi nath Chatterjee Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti
252 Katyayani Vidmahe Independent
253 Kavita Srivastava PUCL
254 Kedar Mishra Poet and journalist, Bhubaneswar
255 Khairunissa Pathan Parwaaz, Mumbai
256 Khan Sophia Gender & Legal Consultant
257 Kiran Grover Independent
258 Komal Srivastava Bharat Gyan vigyan Samiti
259 Koninika Ray National Federation of Indian Women
260 Kusum Saiwal AIDWA
261 Laavanya Tamang Activist
262 Lakshmi Krishnamurty Researcher – education of children and women
263 Lalita Ramdas Educator and Activist…Bhaimala, Alibag
264 Lata Kachawaha Social Activist, Barmer
265 Lata P.M Social Activist, Maharashtra
266 Lata Singh JNU
267 Lata Singh PUCL
268 Latika Padgaonkar Independent
269 Leena Abraham Mumba
270 Leena Joshi  Academic
271 Leo F. Saldanha Environment Support Group
272 Lotika Singha University of Wolverhampton, UK
273 M M P Singh Activist
274 M.G. Devasahayam, IAS, Retd Former Secretary, Govt. of Haryana
275 Madhavi Kane Activist
276 Madhavi Kuckreja Independent
277 Madhu Bhaduri, IFS, Retd. Former Ambassador to Portugal
278 Madhu Bhushan Women’s rights activist, Bangalore
279 Madhu Garg AIDWA
280 Madhulika PUCL, Dungarpur
281 Madhumita India Civil Watch
282 Madhusree Dutta Artist
283 Mahendra Parida General secretary, Aicctu
284 Maimoona Mollah Social and Political Activist
285 Maitreyi Krishnan Manthan Law, Bangalore
286 Malika Virdi Uttarakhand.
287 Malini Subramaniam Independent Journalist
288 Mamata Dash WSS, Delhi
289 Mamta Jaitly Vividha
290 Mamta  
291 Manan Ganguli India Matters UK
292 Manavi Atri Lawyer/Researcher, Bangalore
293 Manavwadi Bharat The Humanist
294 Mangla Kumar Advocate
295 Manju Sharma Writer
296 Manu Kaushik Management Consultant
297 Maria Couto Aldona goa
298 Mariam Dhavale AIDWA
299 Mathew Cherian Social Activist
300 Maya Krishna Rao Theatre Artist
301 Mazher Hussain Hyderabad
302 Medha Patkar National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)
303 Meenakshi Movement for Secular Democracy
304 Meera Samson CORD
305 Meera Sangahmitra National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)
306 Mehroo Kotval Independent
307 Members Forum Against Oppression of Women
308 Members Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan
309 Mewa Bharti Domestic Workers Union
310 Minakshi NFIW
311 Mira Shiva Health and Nutritionist Expert
312 Mohd Tarique TISS
313 Mohit Independent
314 Mohit M Independent
315 Mridul Technology Professional
316 Mridula Mukherjee Retired Professors, JNU
317 Mrinalini Paul right to food and work Campaign, West Bengal
318 Mukta Srivastava Right to food Campaign and Shoshit Jan Andolan
319 N Venugopal Journalist, Hyderabad
320 N.C. Saxena, IAS, Retd Former Secretary, Planning Commission, GoI
321 Nachiket Udupa MKSS
322 Nagalsamy, IAAS Former Principal Accountant General, Tamil Nadu & Kerala
323 Nandini Rao Social Activist
324 Nandini Sundar Academic, Delhi
325 Nandita Gandhi Co-Director, Akshara Centre
326 Nandita Narain Delhi University.
327 Narendra Gupta Prayas
328 Natasha Badhwar Film Maker and Author
329 Naveen Narayan Dalit Activist
330 Navendu Mishra Seoni working with agrini samaj Kalyan samiti
331 Navrekha Sharma, IFS, Retd Former Ambassador to Indonesia
332 Neeta Kolhatkar Independent Journalist
333 Nirja  Mishra Indpendent Academic
334 Nirmala Karunan Independent
335 Nisha Biswas WSS
336 Nisha Chauhan Social Activist, Bikaner
337 Nisha Sidhu National Federation Indian Women
338 Nishat Hussein National Muslim Women’s welfare society
339 Niti Saxena Lawyer and Researcher
340 Noella de Souza. Mumbai
341 Noor Mohmmad PUCL Alwar
342 Norat Mal Social Activist, Ajmer
343 Norati President, Rajasthan Asangathith Mazdoor Union
344 Nupur Basu Senior Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker.
345 Om Prakash Ray PUCL Ajmer
346 P. J. Josey INSOCO Kerala
347 P. Joy Oommen, IFS Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Chhattisgarh
348 P.A. Nazareth, IFS Former Ambassador to Egypt and Mexico
349 P.R. Dasgupta, IAS, Retd Former Chairman, Food Corporation of India, GoI
350 Padma Velaskar Professor (retd), Tiss Mumbai
351 Padmaja Shaw Rtd Professor Osmania University
352 Pamela Philipose Journalist, New Delhi
353 Pamposh Dhar Singapore
354 Paranjoy Guha Thakurta Journalist
355 Paromita Independent
356 Persis Ginwalla Ahmedabad
357 Pervin Jehangir Activist
358 PM Lata Social activist, Maharashtra
359 Poonam Batra Professor of Education, Co-Investigator, TESF India
360 Poonam Kaushik Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, Delhi
361 Prabhat Patnaik Professor Emeritus, JNU
362 Prabir Purkayastha Editor, Newsclick, and science activist
363 Pradeep K. Deb IAS (Retd.) Former Secretary, Deptt. Of Sports, GoI
364 Pradeep K. Deb, IAS Retd. Former Secretary, Department of Sports GOI
365 Pradip Krishen Independent
366 Pradnya Deshpande Psychologist
367 Pragya Joshi PUCL Rajasthan
368 Pranab S. Mukhopadhyay, IAS Retd. Former Director, Institute of Port Management, GoI
369 Prasad Subramaniam Secretary – FSMM
370 Prashant Bhushan Advocate, Supreme Court
371 Praveer Peter Jharkhand, Janadhikar Mahasabha
372 Prem Krishan Sharma Academy for socio legal studies
373 Priyanshu Gupta Independent researcher
374 Prof Beulah Shekhar YWCA of India, Department of Criminology, Karunya University Coimbatore.
375 Prof Neera Chandoke Academic
376 Prof Roopa Rao E PUCL
377 Prof Rooprekha Verma Former Vice Chancellor, Lucknow University
378 Prof. Navdeep Mathur Faculty, IIM Ahmedabad
379 Professor Sushil Khanna ( retd) Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
380 Purnima Upadhyay Social Activist, Amravati
381 Purwa Kushwaha Independent
382 Pyoli, Samajwadi Janparishad
383 Qamar Naqvi Satya Hindi
384 Radha Holla Child and Nutrition Expert
385 Radha Khant PUCL Rajasthan
386 Radha Vallabh Sharma PUCL Ajmer
387 Radhakant Saxena PUCL Rajasthan
388 Radheshyam Varma PUCL Bharatpur
389 Radhika Desai Hyderabad
390 Raghunandana Sathamarshana Kannada Poet, Playwright, Stage-Director
391 Raish Khan PUCL Udaipur
392 Raj Kumari Dogra NFIW
393 Raj Shekhar Right to Food Campaign
394 Rajaraman Rangmatipadar Adivasi Commune, Rayagada, Odisha
395 Rajashri Dasgupta Independent Journalist
396 Rajeev R. Singh Independent consultant.
397 Rajeev Singha UK
398 Rajendra Kuntal PUCL Bharatpur
399 Rajendra Prasad Sahmat
400 Rajendran Narayanan Azim Premji University
401 Rajesh Prasad, IFSm, Retd. Former Ambassador to the Netherlands
402 Rajesh Singh Human Rights Activist Delhi
403 Rajiv Dimri General Secretary, All India Central Council of Trade Unions
404 Rajmohan Gandhi Formar Governor
405 Rajni Bakshi Writer
406 Raju Sharma, IAS Former Member, Board of Revenue, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
407 Rakhi CFAR
408 Rakhi Sehgal Independent
409 Ram Manohar Reddy The Editor, The India Forum
410 Ram Puniyani All India Secular Forum
411 Rama Melkote Independent
412 Ramani Venkatesan, IAS Retd. Former Director General, YASHADA, Govt. of Maharashtra
413 Ramesh Asher Film Maker
414 Ramesh Nandwana PUCL Rajasthan
415 Rami Chhabra Media veteran and social activist
416 Ranjana Padhi Women’s Activist
417 Ranjit Kaul Activist
418 Rashid Hussain Social Activtis
419 Ravi Vira Gupta, IAS Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India
420 Raza Haider Filmmaker, activist , Delhi
421 Reetika Khera Academic
422 Rekha Awasthy Activist
423 Richa Audchiya Jan Chetna Samiti, Sirohi
424 Rita Brara Academic
425 Rita Manchanda Human rights peace advocate
426 Ritu Kapur The Quint
427 Roda Billimoria Desai Independent
428 Rohini Hensman Writer and independent scholar
429 Rohit Parakh Food Rights Activist
430 Rohit Prajapati PUCL
431 Rosamma Thomas Journalist
432 Roshani Pack Independent
433 Roshmi Goswami Feminist Activist, Shillong
434 Ruchi Garg PUCL Bharatpur
435 Rupsa Mallik Feminist Activist
436 Rushda Siddiqui NFIW, Delhi
437 S. Vincent Anesthasiar General Secretary, Justice  Peace and Integrity Creation (JPIC)
438 S.K. Guha, IAS, Retd Former Joint Secretary, Department of Women & Child Development, GoI
439 S.N. Sahu Activist
440 S.Q.Masood Social Activist, Hyderabad
441 Sachin Jain Vikas, MP
442 Sachin Rao Political Activist
443 Sadaf Jafar Political Activist
444 Sadhna Arya University of Delhi
445 Sagari Ramdas Food Sovereignty Alliance
446 Sahana Kaul Activist
447 Saheli Women Saheli resource center for Women, New Delhi NCR
448 Sajha Kadam Jharkhand
449 Sakina Dhorajiwala Activist
450 Salim Saboowalla Independent
451 Sameera Khan Journalist and Researcher, Mumbai
452 Sameet Panda Right to food Campaign Odisha
453 Sandeep Bagchee Retired Officer of the I.A.S.
454 Sandeep Pandey Socialist Party (India)
455 Sandhya Gokhale Forum Against Oppression of Women
456 Sangeeta Sahu Right to Food Campaign, Chhattisgarh
457 Sanjay Mangla Gopal NAPM
458 Sanjay Sanghvi Trade Union Centre of India
459 Santosh Sharma Social Activist, New Delhi
460 Sarah Mathews Managing Trustee,  Sankalp Women’s Support Alliance
461 Sarika Shrivastava State Secretary, NFIW (M.P.)
462 Sarojini N Researcher, Public Health
463 Satish Kumar Centre For Dalit Rights
464 Satya Narayan Mohanty  IAS (Retd.), Former Secretary General, National Human Rights Commission
465 Sawai Singh Social Activist
466 Sehba Farooqui AIDWA
467 Sevanti Ninan Journalist
468 Shabnam Aziz PUCL
469 Shadan Farasat Advocate
470 Shaheen Nazar Delhi
471 Shakuntala Pamecha Rajasamand Mahila Manch
472 Shalini Gera Advocate
473 Shalmali Guttal Researcher
474 Shamsul Islam Cultural Activist
475 Shantha Sinha Independent
476 Sharad Raj Independent Filmmaker
477 Sharanya Nayak Rangmatipadar Adivasi Commune, Koraput, Odisha
478 Sheba George Indendent
479 Shikha Sethia Independent
480 Shirish Patel Chairman Emeritus, Shirish Patel & Associates, Consulting Civil Engineers
481 Shiv Shankar Mukherjee IFS (Retd.) Former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom
482 Shiv Shankar Mukherjee, IFS (Retd) Former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom
483 Shreya Munhot Advocate
484 Shripad Dharmadhikary Manthan Adhyayan Kendra, Pune
485 Shubhranshu Choudhary Independent
486 Sister Carol Geeta PUCL, Ajmer
487 Smita Gupta Researcher
488 Smita Premchander Activist
489 Smriti Nevatia Researcher-Writer, Film Festival Curator, Bombay
490 Snehal Sinha Activist
491 Snimer Kaur Sahni Delhi
492 Solomon David SJ
493 Soma KP Independent Researcher
494 Sonal Kellogg Sabfree Foundation
495 Sonam Chaturvedi Assistant Lecturer, OP Jindal Global University
496 Srelekha Mukerji Activist
497 Sruti Bala Univ of Amsterdam, InSAF India
498 Subbarao Prabhala Captain S. Prabhala IN (Retd)
499 subhash Gatade, New Socialist Initiative
500 Subhashini Ali CPI (M) Politbureau member
501 Subir Sinha Independent
502 Sudha N Activist-Researcher, Bangalore
503 Sudhanva Deshpande Publisher and Theatreperson
504 Suhas Kohelkar NAPM
505 Sujata Gothoskar Independent researcher and activist
506 Sujata Gurung Chowdhary North East Now
507 Sujit Patwardhan Indendent
508 Suki Iyer Independent
509 Sukirat Anand Writer
510 Sukumar Muralidharan Independent
511 Suman Devathiya Dalit Women Fight
512 Sumita Mehta Independent
513 Sumitra Chopra AIDWA
514 Sundar Burra, IAS, Retd Former Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra
515 Suneeta Dhar Feminist Activist, Delhi
516 Sunil Raj Varisth PUCL Bharatpur
517 Sunilam Ex MP and Farmer’s leader
518 Supriya Jan Right to pee campaign Mumbai
519 Suresh K. Goel, IFS, Retd Former Director General, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, GoI
520 Surjit K. Das, IAS, Retd Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Uttarakhand
521 Sushila Devi Social Worker, Newc Delhi.
522 Sushmita Jha Indendent
523 Svati Joshi Independent
524 Swati Desai NAPM Gujarat
525 Swati Narayan Academic
526 Sweta Dash Academic
527 Sylvia karpagam Social Activist
528 T. L. PALANI KUMAR Activist
529 Tanushree Gangoupadhyay Journalist
530 Tara Ahluwalia Bal Evam Mahila, Samiti Bhilwara
531 Tara Murali Architect, Chennai.
532 Thomas Franco Independent
533 Thomas Pallithanam Salesian Representative to UN ECOSOC.
534 Tinu Joseph St.Francis De Sales’ College, Nagpur.
535 Tultul Biswas MP Mahila Manch
536 Tushar Dhara Journalist
537 Ujjaini Chatterji Advocate
538 Ulka Mahajan Sarvahara Jan Andolan
539 Uma Chakravarty Historian
540 Vandana Prasad Child and Nutrition Expert
541 Vanita Nayak Mukherjee Feminist Activist
542 Vapalla Balachandran, IAS Retd. Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, GoI
543 Varsha Bhargavi Director, WhereAreTheWomen
544 Veena Dwivedi PUCL Udaipur
545 Veena Gowda Advocate, Advocate, Mumbai
546 Veena Shatrugna Former Deputy Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad.
547 Vibha Puri Das, IAS, Retd Former Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI
548 Vidhya Activist, N Delhi
549 Vignesh Vellore The News minute
550 Vijay Bharatiya Activist
551 Vijay Lakshmi Joshi PUCL
552 Vimal Bhai National Alliance of People’s Movements
553 Vimala Ramachandran Independent
554 Vineet Tiwari National Secretary, PWA
555 Vineeta Bal Pune
556 Vinita Kaul Activist
557 Vinod C. Khanna, IFS Former Additional Secretary, MEA, GoI
558 Virginia Saldanha ICWM
559 Vivan Sundaram Activits
560 Vivan Sundaram Art Critic, Delhi
561 Vivek Korde Activist
562 Vivek Monteiro CITU
563 VK Cherian Writer
564 VS Krishna Human Rights Forum, AP and TN
565 Zal Cowasji Activist
And many others whose names we have not been able to incorporate