28 Deaths in Assam Detention Centres, But None Due to Lack of Medicines: Govt

While saying the deaths were due to illness, minster Nityanand Rai said medical facilities were made available to the detainees.

New Delhi: The government on Wednesday said there were no deaths of inmates in detention centres in Assam due to lack of medicines.

Admitting that 28 people have died in the detention centres, minister of state for home affairs Nityanand Rai said that all deaths were caused by some diseases.

He further said detention centres have proper medical facilities and the district administration provides medicines there.

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“There have been reports of deaths of 28 people. The detention centre has all the facilities and death is not due to fear or due to any lack of medicine,” said Rai.

“Whatever death has occurred, is caused by illness,” he said.

The minister’s reply came over a supplementary question asked by Trinamool Congress member Santanu Sen, who claimed that he has come to know from reliable sources that most of the persons died due apprehensions about the NRC process.

Asked if any compensation has been given to the families of the deceased, the minister replied there was no such provision.