After Another Hike, Petrol and Diesel Prices at Record High

The cost per litre in Delhi stands at Rs 102.94, while the price of diesel rose to Rs 91.42 per litre.

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New Delhi: After another hike, petrol and diesel prices hid all-time highs on Wednesday. Petrol became dearer by 30 paise, taking the cost per litre to Rs 102.94 in Delhi, while the price of diesel rose to Rs 91.42 per litre after a 35 paise hike.

This is the second consecutive day of hikes. On Tuesday, petrol and diesel prices increased by 30 paise per litre.

In other metros, such as Mumbai and Hyderabad, the price is higher still. The cost of petrol was hiked by 29 paise in Mumbai, standing at Rs 108.96 a litre and diesel now cost Rs 99.17 for a litre after a 27 paise hike.

In Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and many other cities, the price of petrol is now higher than Rs 100.

The latest round of hikes came after the global benchmark Brent jumped to $82.53 per barrel, while West Texas Intermediate rose to $78.87 a barrel.

According to news agency PTI, the price of cooking gas LPG was hiked by Rs 15 per cylinder on Wednesday, in line with a surge in international fuel prices.

Rates of both subsidised and non-subsidised LPG prices were hiked, oil company officials said. Cooking gas now costs Rs 899.50 per cylinder in Delhi.

The Union government has repeatedly come under fire for successive price hikes. While opposition parties have suggested that the government cut record excise duty on the two fuels to give relief to consumers, the government does not seem to be in any mood to agree.