Youth Unemployment Rate in India Was Higher Than Its Neighbours in 2022: World Bank Report

In 2022, India's youth unemployment rate was significantly higher at 23.22% than Pakistan (11.3%), Bangladesh (12.9%), and Bhutan (14.4%). In the same year, China had an unemployment rate of 13.2%.

New Delhi: In 2022, youth unemployment rate in India was at 23.22%, higher than its neighbours Pakistan (11.3%), Bangladesh (12.9%), and Bhutan (14.4%), showed World Bank data.

According to the report, in the same year, the unemployment rate in China stood at 13.2%, Syria 22.1%, Indonesia 13%, Malaysia 11.7%, Vietnam 7.4%, South Korea 6.9% and Singapore 6.1%.

The data has been sourced from the International Labour Organization.

The youth unemployment rate refers to those in the workforce who are aged 15 to 24 years and without a job, but actively seeking one.

Nearly 36% of Indians in the 15-34 year age group believe that youth unemployment is the biggest problem in the country, a Lokniti-CSDS survey has found. The survey was conducted to analyse career aspirations, job preferences, and expectations of young Indians.