Modi App Survey Results Say 93% of Respondents Support Demonetisation

Of the over 5 lakh responses so far, only 2% have rated the move as 'very poor' or 'one star', according to the survey result.

New Delhi: More than 93% of the five lakh people who participated in a survey on the Narendra Modi App have supported demonetisation, the PMO said today a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought public feedback on the issue.

“I thank people for the historic participation in the survey. It’s satisfying to read the insightful views & comments,” Modi tweeted along with the results of the survey conducted on app.
“Unprecedented response to App Survey, record number of citizens share their view,” said the title of a write-up on narendramodi.in whose link was shared by the prime minister on his Twitter account.

The survey result was read out by information technology and telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at a Cabinet meeting this evening, prompting the prime minister to say that it “reflects the mood” of the people.

In just over 24 hours of the survey being released, more than 5 lakh people have participated and expressed their opinion, the report said, adding, “This is a staggering number by any stretch. No opinion survey conducted in India, on such policy or political issues, even comes close to sampling so many responses.”

More than 93% people support the move to demonetise the old Rs 500 and 1000notes, it said. Of the over 5 lakh responses so far, only 2% have rated the move as ‘very poor’ or ‘one star’, according to the survey result.

More than 90% of the respondents feel the government’s move to tackle black money is worth more than a four-star rating, the survey result said. 73% of them gave it a five-star rating of ‘brilliant’.

On the overall fight against corruption, more than 92% of respondents either rate the government as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ while 57% of them rate the fight as ‘very good’.

“As high as 86 per cent people believe that some so- called anti-corruption activists are now actually batting in support of black money, corruption and even terrorist financing!”, the write-up said.

Opposition parties questioned the credibility of the survey as well as the responses to it.

“We should focus on who would be the respondent, some urban-centric people who have known PM Modi and voted for him. I completely disagree with this,” said Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi.

“Secondly, the kind of questions asked. There was no ‘disagree’ option and rural people have not participated in this survey,” she added.

CPI leader D. Raja also questioned the survey results, saying, “Rural India has no access to apps. This is not a reflection of the real picture.”

He maintained that the demonetisation has affected the country’s economy in a big way and it is a big challenge.