Podcast | Bombay Begums Is About the Real Problems of Real Women: Pooja Bhatt

The show has been praised internationally, the actor said.

The Netflix show Bombay Begums has attracted praise for its candid portrayal of women and their issues. But the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights summoned the serial’s makers and Netflix after complaints that a 13 year old was shown snorting cocaine and sending intimate images of herself to a boy.

Pooja Bhatt, lead actor of Bombay Begums, says they explained to the Commission that the serial in no way endorsed such behavior and in fact, showed the consequences of the 13 year old’s actions.

In a podcast interview with Sidharth Bhatia, Bhatt, who makes a comeback on the screen after 21 years, says Bombay Begums shows real stories of the real struggles of women. She plays a bank CEO struggling with menopause and working in a male-dominated environment. “Praise has come from Pakistan, Nigeria and even the Netherlands,” she says.