Watch: Bajrang Dal Leader Arrested For Cow Slaughter, Hatched Conspiracy to Implicate Muslim Man

Bajrang Dal's Monu Bishnoi has been accused of trying to manipulate the police.

New Delhi: Four people including Moradabad district president of Bajrang Dal Monu Bishnoi have been arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police for slaughtering a cow and trying to implicate a Muslim man in a false case. They have also been accused of conspiring against the police.

Police allege that one of the accused, Shahabuddin, took the help of the Bajrang Dal workers to put a man named Mehmood in jail by making it look like he had killed cows.

On January 16, the head of a cow was discovered on a road frequented by Hindu pilgrims. On the night of January 28, another cow slaughter incident took place. The police found both these incidents suspicious. At the site of the second incident, Mehmood’s wallet was found in a pair of trousers lying on the ground.

“When Mehmood was interrogated, he told that he had enmity with some people in the village, due to which an attempt was made to implicate him. The names of Shahabuddin and Jamshed came up. These people took the help of Monu Bishnoi, Rajiv Chaudhary and Raman Chaudhary to send their opponent to jail,” Hemraj Meena, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Moradabad, told the media.

Bajrang Dal’s Monu Bishnoi was recently in jail in an attempt to murder case. Post-release, Bishnoi engaged in illegal activities, attempting to manipulate the Chhajlait police station, and when officials resisted, he devised this trap. The police, employing electronic surveillance and mobile location data, unraveled the conspiracy, resulting in FIRs filed under various IPC sections and the Cow Slaughter Act. Two accused are still at large.

Bishnoi allegedly exerted significant pressure on the police for his ulterior motives. Failing to garner cooperation from the officials, he purportedly devised a plan to frame Mehmood, creating pressure on the police to yield to his demands. The orchestrated incidents aimed to force compliance from law enforcement.