BJP Mahila Morcha Leader Says Hindus Should Gangrape Muslim Women; Gets Expelled

Sunita Singh Gaur said Muslim mothers and sisters should have their "honour looted" as there is "no other way" to "protect India".

New Delhi: Sunita Singh Gaur, leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha in Uttar Pradesh’s Ramkola, has reportedly been removed from her position after she posted on Facebook that Hindu men should enter Muslim homes and rape the women.

“There is only one solution for them (Muslims). Hindu brothers should make a group of 10 and gang rape their (Muslims) mothers and sisters openly on the streets and then then hang them in the middle of the bazaar for others to see,” Gaur’s post in Hindi says.

She goes on to say that Muslim mothers and sisters should have their “honour looted” as there is “no other way” to “protect India”.

Lallantop reported that the comment has since been deleted and The Wire was unable to ascertain the exact date of the comment. Screenshots of the post have since gone viral on social media.

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Vijaya Rahatkar, national president of the BJP Mahila Morcha, responded to a tweet about Gaur’s posts by saying that such “hateful comments” would not be tolerated and Gaur has been expelled.

According to the press release Rahatkar tweeted, Gaur was removed from her post on June 27.

While this would not be the first time BJP leaders have been accused of propagating hate online or offline, the fact that a Mahila Morcha leader was instigating rape and gruesome sexual violence shocked many on social media.