US Govt Says It Will Comply With Court-Ordered Tuesday Deadline for Reuniting Migrant Children

The US government, in a filing in a federal court in San Diego on July 10, said 75 children were eligible to be reunited with their parents and 38 would be back with their parents by the end of the day.

The US government believes it is in compliance with a court-ordered Tuesday deadline to reunite immigrant children under five who were separated from their parents while crossing the US-Mexico border, according to a court filing.

In a filing in US federal court in San Diego on Tuesday (July 10), the government said 75 children were eligible to be reunited and 38 were likely to be back with a parent by the end of the day. The government said others would be reunited once the government determined parental fitness or eligibility to be reunited. In other cases, it said it needed to make contact with a parent released from detention.


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