Watch: In 2024, it Once Again Could be Donald Trump or His Daughter Ivanka as Presidential Candidate

In conversation with politician, political scientist and writer Bruno Macaes.

Politician, political scientist and writer Bruno Macaes says that after the massive number of votes, Donald Trump cannot be wished away. He will still have massive influence in the Republican Party, and continue to have supporters, Macaes said in an interview with Sidharth Bhatia.

To keep his image making going, he could even start his own TV channel, Macaes said.

Macaes, who was the Europe minister for Portugal from 2013 to 2015, is now a non-resident senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. His last book, History Has Begun: The Birth of A New America analysed the United States socially and politically in cultural terms.

In a recent article, Macaes said Trump had created a sense of ‘hyperfreedom’ which unrestrained by “Political correctness and even good manners”, which appealed to financiers and to workers. His “disconnect from reality is a feature, not a bug,” which his supporters admire.

This is in some ways characteristic of the central American reality, which believes in fables and myth-making, he says in this interview. Macaes also talks about the US’s role in the future and the possibilities of a ‘Eurasia’, a closer engagement between Europe and Asia, and about the role of China in the future.