Authorities May Face Dire Consequences If Women's Mahapanchayat Is Stopped: Khap Leaders

The decision to hold a march on the same day as the new parliament building’s inauguration was taken earlier this week.

New Delhi: Khap leaders have warned the Modi government and the police that they might have to face dire consequences if there is an attempt to interrupt the ‘women mahapanchayat’ that is to be held on May 28, the Tribune reported

The decision to hold a mahapanchayat on the same day as the new parliament building’s inauguration was taken earlier this week

“We have been carrying out a protest campaign at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for the past 31 days to get justice. Now, a women mahapanchayat will be organised in Delhi on May 28 in a peaceful manner. Hence, we appeal to the Centre and the Delhi Police not to prevent people from reaching the venue. The situation may worsen if this is done and the authorities will be responsible for it,” Surendra Singh Solanki, chief of 360 Palam Khap — the leading khap of Delhi– told the Tribune.

The protesting wrestlers have also received the support from various farm unions along with khap panchayats who, on Thursday, invited the President Droupadi Murmu, to attend the women mahapanchayat. National president of Siwach Khap’s women’s wing, Devika Siwach was also present at the meeting, the Tribune reported. 

Virendra Hooda, national general secretary of Kisan Sarkar, said all farm unions would stand with the khap leaders and the wrestlers on May 28. “In large numbers, women and youths from across the nation will reach Delhi in tractor-trailers, buses, Metros and personal vehicles to express their solidarity with the wrestlers. The authorities will have to face dire consequences if they stop people from reaching Delhi,” he told the Tribune.

Addressing concerns about police permissions, medal winning wrestler Bajaran Punia had earlier said that they will not let the police stop them. “The police haven’t even given us permission to be at Jantar Mantar. When we are taking out peaceful protests, nothing wrong will happen. If the police grant us permission, nothing like it,” Punia had told the Indian Express