Watch: The Orbiter Of Chandrayaan 2 Will Ensure Its Scientific Mission Continues

The orbiter could last up to seven years while it travels around the Moon.

Chandrayaan 2 will continue with its orbiter in orbit around the Moon, and its suite of eight instruments. These instruments can map the lunar surface for at least a year.

The orbiter’s high-resolution camera can take pictures of the moon’s surface at a resolution of 0.32 m/pixel – better than 0.5 m/pixel of the camera onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). NASA’s LRO is the only other orbiter around the Moon and has been there for a decade.

The orbiter’s Terrain Mapping Camera 2 will generate high-resolution 3D maps of the Moon’s surface. The Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer will add mineral composition data to the maps. The dual-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) will map and quantify the amount of ice on the Moon’s surface.

On September 7, K Sivan, the chairman of ISRO, said that the orbiter could last up to seven years in orbit around the Moon against the previously announced one. By virtue of these features, the orbiter will ensure Chandrayaan 2 continues, and with a scientific mission that many expect to be rewarding.