Watch | The Kashmir Decision: What are Its Repercussions for India's International Image?

The fact that people in J&K were not consulted is a big blot on India's claims of being a democracy.

Dr. Happymon Jacob speaks to Max Rodenbeck (South Asia Bureau Chief of The Economist) about the international reaction to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir after its special status under Article 370 was removed and the state was bifurcated into two union territories.

Rodenbeck argues that while the constitutionality of the move may be debated, the fact remains that people of Jammu and Kashmir were not consulted, which is quite a blot on Indian democracy.

He further addresses the issue of the orchestrated visit of far-right members of the European Parliament to Kashmir, a move that has backfired internationally.

Jacob and Rodenbeck also discuss the heated diplomatic exchange between India and China over what India calls a ‘domestic issue’. On the question of the UN Human Rights body’s concern over Kashmir, Rodenbeck argues that it might not be in India’s interest, in the longer run, to undermine the legitimacy of these institutions. He also addresses the larger implications for the people in J&K, and the wider strategic fallout.

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