Watch | Media Bol: Upcoming Polls and the Meaning of a 'Shaheen Bagh-Free' Delhi

Senior journalists Urmilesh, Qurban Ali, Sanjay Kapoor and Awadhesh K. Singh discuss what home minister Amit Shah's recent comments on Shaheen Bagh could mean ahead of the Delhi elections.

On Friday, Amit Shah addressed Delhi’s voters and made a remark against the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protestors at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh. He said, “When you press the button (on the voting machine) on February 8, do so with such anger that its current is felt at Shaheen Bagh.”

On what this means for politics ahead of the assembly elections in Delhi, in the latest episode of ‘Media Bol’, Urmilesh speaks with senior journalist Qurban Ali, Hard News editor Sanjay Kapoor and senior journalist Awadhesh K. Singh.