Watch | Krishi Ki Baat: 'Indian Democracy is Corporate-Driven,' Says Rajendra Singh

Environmentalist Rajendra Singh, also known as the 'Water Man of India', speaks about the imminent water crisis the country is faced with, various government schemes relating to water and the damaging effects of privatisation on the industry.

India is facing an imminent water crisis; and a crisis of water is a crisis for the nation at large, as well as a crisis for the lives of all its citizens.

The present water crisis can be illustrated through one simple example: the cost of a bottle of water ranges between Rs 30-35 while the cost of a packet of milk is around Rs 25; highlighting just how dear water has become today.

To discuss this issue of water in all its dimensions, The Wire‘s Indra Shekhar Singh is joined by the ‘Water Man of India’, Magsaysay award-winning environmentalist Rajendra Prasad. Together, they discuss various government schemes to do with water, such as the ‘Jal Jeevan Mission‘, the Ken-Betwa river interlinking project and more; various irrigation schemes; the effects of privatisation on water in India; and more.