Watch | Is the Threat of New Covid-19 Wave Real?

With the sudden spurt in cases in China, there has been renewed talk about COVID-19 in India, especially about the 'new' BF.7 variant.

WhatsApp groups are abuzz with the return of COVID-19. There is a fear in the air of a new ‘wave’ of infections in India. Talks of lockdown have started worrying businessmen and markets again.

But what’s the trigger? Did the disease dynamics of COVID-19 change in India in the last four days? No. Is BF.7 new? No, because the first case was registered in June in India. Can a wave in China lead to catastrophe in India, where according to the Union government’s data, more than 90% population has received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Then what is the hype about, and how ‘serious’ is ‘threat’?