Watch | In Many of Anantapur's Korean Restaurants, Indians Aren't Allowed

After KIA motors established a plant near Penukonda village in Anantapur, restaurants and guesthouses for Koreans have opened. Shockingly, Indians are not allowed into them.

Editor’s note:The Wire has received information that some of the area’s Korean restaurants, including Kanganam, do admit and serve Indians. The district magistrate of Ananthapur, G. Veerapandian, has stated that his staff visited the Korean restaurants in Penukonda, and he gave his assurance that action will be taken on any complaints of discrimination.

After a KIA motors plant was established near Penukonda village of Anantapur, several restaurants and guesthouses exclusively meant for Koreans have cropped up. Shockingly, locals are not even allowed entry into these establishments. The manager of a restaurant confirmed this to the Sadak se Sansad team on camera. This violation of constitutional rights has not received much attention. The Wire takes a closer look.