Watch | Hope Buses: A Journey for Education

For dozens of children in Seelampur, education now takes place in a set of buses that arrive in the slum areas every weekday.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in India, scores of children have been denied the basic right to education. To bring the education engine back on track, an NGO called Tejas Asia has started an initiative called ‘Hope Buses’, in which they’re providing both education and mid-day meals to underprivileged kids who are living near the area of Yamuna Khader and Tughlaqabad in Delhi.

The people living in the area of Yamuna Khader are migrants mostly from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, and since the area is near one of the largest rivers of India, they’re always under the threat of heavy flood, which could destroy their livelihood easily.

Initially, the community didn’t welcome the idea of Hope Buses, but trust building and creating comfortable spaces has gone a long way.