Watch | 'Grave Injustice': People's Tribunal on SC Judgments on Gujarat Riots, Gompad Massacre

Voicing their concerns regarding two recent, contentious Supreme Court judgments, a group of retired judges and academics held a people's tribunal on Saturday on the ‘judicial assault on civil liberties’.

On August 6, in light of two recent, contentious judgments by the Supreme Court – the dismissal of Zakia Jafri’s plea in the Gujarat Riots case and the dismissal and fine imposed on Himanshu Kumar in the Gompad massacre case – a people’s tribunal was held on the ‘judicial assault on civil liberties’.

A panel of retired judges and academics heard accounts from victims of the two incidents themselves and voiced their concerns about the top court’s judgments in the case, which they opined sided with the executive and questioned the very people who tried to question the authorities.

The panel comprised Justices A.P. Shah (former chief justice of the Delhi high court and former chairperson, Law Commission of India), Anjana Prakash (former judge of the Patna high court), Marlepalle (former judge of the Bombay high court) as well as professor Virginius Xaxa (chair of the 2014 High Level Committee to examine the status of STs) and Syeda Hameed (former member of the Planning Commission).

Hear what they had to say in the video below.