Watch | Despite Court Order, Modi Govt Amended Rules to Boost Adani's Coal Business: Report

An investigation by Reporters' Collective reveals that the government had granted an "extraordinary favour" to the Adani group to boost his coal business.

The fall of the Adani growth story has been the lead for a month now, but today, we are going to talk about yet another exclusive Adani story, this time from Al Jazeera.

An exclusive investigation by the Reporters’ Collective reveals that the Indian government granted an extraordinary favour to the tycoon Gautam Adani, boosting his coal business, not just recently but from 2014.

It has been revealed in a secret government document of 2020 that India’s cabinet secretary – meaning the top-most bureaucrat in India who reports directly to the Prime Minister – reported that the process of allocating coal blocks appears “inappropriate” and this may not be allowed in future.

Simply put, the PMO was referring to the practice of continuing deals the Supreme Court had found illegal. It wanted the practice discontinued. Watch this video to know more.