Watch | Afghans Seek Support from Global Community As Taliban Bans Women's Education

Over 60 professors resigned from various Afghan universities following the decision by the Taliban to ban female education.

Last week, Afghanistan prohibited female students from attending universities, stating that they were not following norms set by the Taliban, including the adherence to a dress code.

Subsequently, the Taliban also banned girls from attending elementary school as well, effectively instituting a total ban on the education of girls and women. This is perhaps the most repressive decision taken by the Taliban since seizing power last year – one of the most dramatic blows to women’s freedoms.

There are a few protests on the ground as the fear of the Taliban looms large.  On the other hand, more than 60 professors from various universities in Afghanistan have resigned from their posts as a response to the decision taken by the Taliban.

In this video, The Wire talks to Adiba, an Afghan refugee in India, and Obaidullah Wardak, an ex-Professor of Mathematics at Kabul University. Both of them share the worsening situation in Afghanistan.