Watch | A Visit to the ‘Frontline’ of the Manipur Conflict

Venturing into the heart of the turmoil, The Wire visited the frontline in Churachandpur.

David Thiek, a member of the Kuki community, was brutally murdered by unidentified individuals on July 2 in Manipur. His body was dismembered and graphic images of the incident were posted on social media. According to the FIR, Arambai Tenggol – a Meitei group that is accused of stoking violence – was responsible for the murder. The Wire spoke to Thiek’s family and learnt that there have been several harrowing killings over the past few months, unfolding against the backdrop of an escalating ethnic clash between two communities.

The Meitei community has levelled accusations at the Assam Rifles, alleging their involvement in aiding Kuki militants. On the other hand, the Kuki community has accused the Manipur police of displaying favouritism towards the Meiteis. Venturing into the heart of the turmoil, The Wire visited Churachandpur. Here’s a report of what we’ve pieced together so far, shedding light on a complex web of rivalries and allegations, and the sombre aftermath of lives lost.