Two More Illegal Apartment Complexes Razed in Kochi

The Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of four unauthorised buildings at the Maradu municipality.

Kochi: The last of the four illegal apartment complexes here was razed down through controlled implosion method on Sunday, marking the completion of the demolition drive against the waterfront high rises ordered by the Supreme Court over three months ago.

The 55-metre high “Golden Kayaloram”, the smallest among the four buildings constructed violating the Coastal Regulation Zone norms, was demolished at around 2.30 pm.

The Jain Coral Cove, also 55-metre high, was demolished at around 11.03 am.

A mock drill to condition the team of police, fire force, health officials and other experts for the Sunday’s exercise was carried out at Golden Kayaloram on Saturday evening.

The mock drill at Jains Coral Cove was carried out on Friday.

The two high-rises will be demolished in controlled implosion by Edifices Engineering. Experts from South Africa-based Jet Demolition have arrived here to assist the Mumbai-based company in the process. Section 144 has come into force at 8 am at 200 metres around the structures.