The Brahman in the Mughal Court

Rajeev Kinra’s Writing Self, Writing Empire is a window into the life and writings of Chandar Bhan Brahman, a skilled Farsi poet and a munshi who served in the Mughal court under emperors Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb.

File photo of V Rohith, who was found hanging in a hostel room in the University of Hyderabad.

I Have to Go – A Kafi to Be Sung at Rohith’s Urs

The celebration of the union of the soul of a deceased pīr with the beloved Pathanay Khan, a wandering singer from the Thal desert of Pakistan, sings this ‘kafi’ by Shah Hussein in raag Des with such affection and feeling that even I can understand Punjabi with the music and […]