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The Brahman in the Mughal Court

Rajeev Kinra’s Writing Self, Writing Empire is a window into the life and writings of Chandar Bhan Brahman, a skilled Farsi poet and a munshi who served in the Mughal court under emperors Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb.

The Other Refuses to Disappear

What the Rohith Vemula and Najeeb Ahmed cases tell us about how India’s relationship with its ‘others’ – the minorities – is pathologised by the enforcement of exaggerated discourse of difference amidst unrecognisably similar lives and cultural practices.

A Hindu Soldier’s Aurangzeb

Bhimsen is distressed that landowners are exploiting the peasantry, there are defections to the Marathas, and lawlessness in the countryside. But there is little evidence in his book of the anti-Hindu policies attributed to Aurangzeb today.