Ten Questions that Could Save the Future of Indian Cricket

Culled in no particular order from the questionnaire framed by the Lodha Commission, these questions are representative of the tenor its directions of inquiry.

BCCIThe following, culled in no particular order from the 82 questions framed by the Lodha Commission, are representative of the tenor its directions of inquiry

  1. Is the BCCI for profit or not-for profit? If the latter, how is this reconciled with its commercial engagements?
  2. What are the parameters on which annual allocations are made to the various constituent boards by the BCCI [of funds, of international matches, of domestic matches, of IPL fixtures, etc?
  3. Does BCCI have a two-tier system of those who govern the board (owners) and those who are involved in day-to-day management (professionals)? If so, on what basis are the professionals appointed, how many are there, what are their tenures and pay packages, and how can they be removed?
  4. On what basis are Tour Managers and Technical crew for the teams selected? Are there tests and interviews? Are these advertised? What is the remuneration for these and do these engagements have tenures or are they open-ended?
  5. Are there tenders floated by BCCI/State organs/IPL for all contracts including those concerning advertising and media rights / construction and infrastructure / broadcast rights / refreshment and hospitality / transport and publicity / endorsements, etc?
  6. What is the financial oversight exercised by the BCCI over the income and expenditure of constituent bodies?
  7. Who conducts an oversight of the various elections? On what basis is the election committee selected and by whom?
  8. Does either the BCCI or the IPL have a whistleblower / immunity policy?
  9. To what extent are players represented on the Board and is there any channel for their grievances to be aired?
  10. What records and papers of the state associations are available for inspection by BCCI and by the public?  What are the costs and procedures for such inspection?

Bonus question: Do you have any suggestions to improve the accountability, elections, governance, transparency and general administration of the game, thereby improving overall integrity of cricket?