Andhra Couple Kills Two Adult Daughters Believing They Will Be 'Reborn in a Day'

Incidentally, both parents are educationists, serving in local educational institutions. 

New Delhi: A couple from Andhra Pradesh’s Madanapelle in Chittoor district allegedly killed their two young daughters in their twenties under the belief that they would be reborn in a day. Strikingly, the parents are both educationists, employed in local educational institutions.

Telugu language reports say Padmaja and Purushottam Naidu were highly superstitious and were known for carrying out elaborate rituals at home. Padmaja, has been working as the principal and correspondent at a local college in the town, while Purushottam is employed as a vice-principal at a women’s degree college, according to local reports.

According to Madanapalle deputy superintendent of police, Ravi Manohara Chari, the girls were murdered by their parents late on Sunday night.

While the older daughter Alekhya (27) was a student at the Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal, the younger daughter Saidivya (22) was a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) graduate and was enrolled at the A.R. Rahman Music School in Mumbai. Both daughters had been living with their parents in Madanapalle since the lockdown last year, according to a report by The News Minute. 

The parents, influenced by various godmen and drawn into superstitious rituals, are said to have been performing pujas since the outbreak of COVID-19. They had allegedly remained home-bound and not let maids, workers or relatives enter the house.

It was only after hearing screams from the house that neighbours alerted the police on Sunday night.

The couple had tried to prevent police from entering the house initially. After making their way into the house, police found one of the girls dead in the puja room, and the other in a different room with puja material and a red cloth scattered around. The police, according to their preliminary investigation, suspect that the girls may have been killed using dumbbells.

“During our preliminary investigation, the couple seems to be highly superstitious as they asked us to keep the bodies in the house for a day stating that their daughters would come back to life,’’ a New Indian Express report quoted the police official as saying.

The parents told the investigating officials that they had received a divine message to offer their daughters as ‘human sacrifice’ as ‘Kal Yuga’ was going to end on Sunday night, when both girls were killed. The girls, according to the parents, would come back to life the next day, with the dawn of ‘Satya Yuga’.

The Madanapalle police shifted the dead bodies to a local government hospital for postmortem, and the couple has been taken into custody for questioning.