You See Deaths of 2 People, But Not 21 Cows: Bulandshahr BJP MLA to Ex Bureaucrats

Over 80 former bureaucrats had written an open letter asking for Adityanath's resignation on Wednesday, given his failure to maintain law and order in Bulandshahr.

New Delhi: A Bharatiya Janata Party MLA on Thursday criticised former bureaucrats who have sought Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath’s resignation over the Bulandshahr violence, saying they were concerned only with the death of two men and not of “21 cows”.

MLA Sanjay Sharma, who represents the Anupshahr assembly constituency in Bulandshahr, also said only people have the power to remove a chief minister who was elected with a huge mandate.

Over 80 former bureaucrats had written an open letter on Wednesday alleging failure on the parts of the state and Central governments in handling the December 3 mob violence in Bulandshahr, after cow carcasses were reportedly found near a village.

They had accused Adityanath of bigotry and sought his resignation over the violence in which an on-duty police inspector, Subodh Kumar Singh, and a civilian, Sumit Kumar, were died after suffering bullet injuries. “It shows that in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, fundamental principles of governance, of constitutional ethics and of humane social conduct stand perverted. The Chief Minister of the state acts as a high priest of the agenda of bigotry and majoritarian supremacy – an agenda which now seems to take precedence over everything else,” the letter reads. Several high-profile former bureaucrats signed the letter, including former National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon.

“Now you all are worrying about the Bulandshahr incident. Your imaginative brains can see only the two deaths, that of Sumit and the duty-bound police inspector. You cannot see that 21 cows also died,” MLA Sharma wrote in his open letter Thursday.

“In a state where farmers are tolerating loss of their crops for the last two years for the sake of cows and thank the chief minister for stopping cow slaughter, how would that Hindu then tolerate cow slaughter? Had there been no cow slaughter, such an incident would not have taken place. Hence, the action against those slaughtering cows is correct,” he wrote.

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Sharma’s letter comes after the special investigation team had said that four Muslim men arrested for cow slaughter were, in fact, innocent. They were a part of the seven names listed in the FIR filed based on the complaint of local Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj.

Three men who were not named in the FIR were arrested Tuesday as “the actual culprits” in the case, police said.

For mob violence, another FIR was registered on the same day naming 27 people and 60 unidentified people.

So far, 19 people have been arrested in the mob violence case, even as Yogesh Raj of the Bajrang Dal, who is a key suspect in the violence, remains at large.

The police and government in UP have openly said that they are prioritising the cow slaughter case over the violence that left one policeman dead.

MLA Sharma said the former civil servants have accused the chief minister of bias against a particular community, when he himself allowed them permission to hold a huge three-day congregation.

“This happened in the same state where previous governments would not allow Ramleelas to be held in villages. Had there been a bias, why would the government allow the congregation?” he wrote.

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On wrong people getting arrested for cow slaughter and they all being from the same community, the MLA said it was the government which “self-corrected” itself at that point but “unfortunately the others arrested later for the act also belong to the same community and your assertion of bias in that light reflects your mental weakness.”

“On your demand for the chief minister’s resignation in your letter, in which you have umpteen times referred to the Constitution, let me remind you that only the people, who have elected the chief minister with a huge mandate, can remove him and not some scurrilous people like you who challenge the constitutional system,” Sharma wrote.

The lawmaker also the former bureaucrats’ letter appeared “politically motivated”.

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