Watch | Pegasus Project: Why Was Former DNA Journalist Deepak Gidwani on the Snoop List?

The Wire's Mukul Singh Chauhan interviews Deepak Gidwani.

Former DNA special correspondent and freelance journalist Deepak Gidwani’s phone number has been identified as a potential target for spying according to a leaked database accessed by French non-profit organisation Forbidden Stories. The Wire and 15 other media organisations have been reporting on the database for the past few days. The Wire‘s Mukul Singh Chauhan interviews Deepak Gidwani.

He says the allegations uncovered by the Pegasus Project have proven to be dangerous for press freedom. Gidwani says that he was unnerved to find out that his phone number was on the leaked database and that he may have been chosen as a potential target of surveillance because of his work.