'Words Twisted': Tripura CM Blames Media For Reports on His 'I Control Police' Speech

On Facebook, he wrote that some print and electronic media organisation had attempted "to project [his] disregard" for the judiciary and judicial institutions.

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Agartala: A day after a video showing the Tripura chief minister asking civil service officials and executives to not worry about contempt of court grabbed headlines, Biplab Kumar Deb said his words had been ‘twisted’ and ‘wrongly reported’.

On Monday, Deb wrote on Facebook that he did not tell the officers or even remotely intended to convey disregard towards courts or disrespect court orders.

He wrote that some print and electronic media organisation had attempted “to project [his] disregard” for the judiciary and judicial institutions.

“I have not told the officers or even remotely intended to convey any message to disregard courts or disrespect court orders as reported. My words have been published out of context,” he added.

The video of Deb had been shared multiple times after Trinamool Congress leader and MP Abhishek Banerjee tweeted it, saying Biplab Deb is a “disgrace to the entire nation”.

“I want to tell you, don’t do these with me…[officials] say, ‘Sir, there will be problems with the system’. What problems will happen? ‘Sir, we can’t take risk, there will be contempt of court’…Who has gone to jail in Tripura for contempt of court? I am here; if you go, I shall go before you…It’s not that easy to take you to jail. In order to take you to jail, police is needed. I run the police. They can’t pick up someone just like that. Police will say they haven’t found anyone. What will they do?” Deb says in the video.

He also says, “…[T]his contempt of court is uttered as if it is a crouching tiger. I am the tiger. Power is with the main person running the government. That means all power is with the people. We are a by-the-people government, not a by-the-court government. Today often we see ‘contempt of court, contempt of court’. Has contempt been committed? The former Chief Secretary said he would be in contempt of court and go to jail, and that he would die. Let him die. We bid him adieu”.

Deb was speaking at the 26th biennial conference of the Tripura Civil Service Officers’ Association at Rabindra Shatabarshiki Bhawan here on Saturday, September 25.

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In the meantime, media advisor to the CM, Sanjay Mishra replied to Banerjee’s tweet and wrote, “You must listen to the full speech before spreading your fake propaganda which you have learned from your political guru CPM and how much respect you have for government institutions we all know that”.

Tripura CPI(M) secretary Jitendra Chaudhury said Deb had abused the spirit of the constitution. He also said that the statement will encourage the miscreants and anti-socials who began breaching peace soon after the BJP formed the government in the state.

“I request the CM not to speak like this and become conscious of his position,” he said.

Tripura Congress president Birajit Sinha said each and every person should honour the judiciary and obey court orders.

Meanwhile, the BJP spokesperson, Nabendu Bhattacharya, said Deb’s words had been wrongly interpreted.