Who Is ‘Prof. N John Camm’ Who Tweeted Praises of Yogi Adityanath?

A. John Camm, a professor of clinical cardiology (emeritus) at St. George's University of London, said that the Twitter account @njohncamm was "stealing his identity" and he did not know anyone named N John Camm or Narendra Yadav.

The Twitter account of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s office and several mainstream news outlets amplified a controversial tweet by a Twitter user, ‘N John Camm’, who claimed Yogi Adityanath could contain the spiralling riots in France within 24 hours.

BOOM found that the Twitter user who tweeted the remark is one Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav alias Narendra John Camm – a man with an opaque past in the medical profession in India and abroad and who has misappropriated the name Professor John Camm, a well-known cardiologist from the United Kingdom.

The real John Camm, who is a professor (emeritus) at St George’s University of London told BOOM via email that the Twitter account @njohncamm was “stealing his identity.”

On June 30, 2023, the Twitter handle @njohncamm claiming to be Professor N John Camm tweeted, “India must send @myogiadityanath to France to control riot situation there and My God, he will do it within 24 hours.”

France is reeling from widespread riots after a 17-year-old boy of Algerian heritage was shot dead by a police officer at a traffic stop in the Paris suburb of Nanterre on June 27, 2023. The spiralling violence by protesters has resulted in the deployment of 45,000 police personnel, including special forces in various cities.

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The tweet was lapped up by right-wing Twitter users in India and was also quote tweeted by @myogioffice, a verified handle representing the UP chief minister’s office.

The handle quote tweeted the original tweet and wrote, “Whenever extremism fuels riots, chaos engulfs and law & order situation arises in any part of the globe, the World seeks solace and yearns for the transformative “Yogi Model” of Law & Order established by Maharaj Ji in Uttar Pradesh.”

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This tweet was also amplified by several news channels claiming that a “famous European cardiologist Prof John Camm” had tweeted praising Yogi Adityanath. News 18 Uttar Pradesh reported on the viral tweet with the caption that reads, “CM Yogi should be sent to France within 24 hours’, to save the country burning in the fire of riots, European doctor demanded by tweeting.. ”

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ABP News deleted their tweet after several users called out the channel for running the viral tweet of N John Camm without any verification.

Medical Twitter questions N John Camm’s credentials

This is not the first time that N John Camm’s credentials have been questioned. In the past, several doctors on Twitter have raised suspicions about his work experience listed on his website njohncamm.com pointing out grammatical errors and inaccuracies in the spellings of renowned institutions and veteran doctors he claims to have trained under.

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“Dr. N John Camm completed his MRCP (Member, Royal College of Physicians) from prestigious St.Georges Hospital London(UK)in year 2001. He received extensive training in Interventional Cardiology.. He was awarded membership by prestigious British Cardiac Society…” (sic), a part of the bio claimed.

The bio also stated he joined “St.Georges Hospital, London” as an Interventional Cardiologist in 2002.

BOOM reached out to St Georges’s Hospital, London, the British Cardiac Society, Klinikum Nuernberg Hospital, and Dr Marie-Claude Morice. The article will be updated upon receiving a response.

“Stealing my identity”: Professor A John Camm

BOOM also reached out to Prof. A John Camm, professor of clinical cardiology (emeritus) at St. George’s University of London. (Click here to view).

Professor Camm told BOOM via email that the Twitter account @njohncamm was stealing his identity and he did not know anyone named N John Camm or Narendra Yadav.

“This guy is “stealing my identity”. I don’t know how to stop it. The name you mention appears to be the perpetrator,” professor A. John Camm told BOOM.

The website njohncamm.com is registered to Narendra Yadav

BOOM looked up website registration details of the site njohncamm.com and found that ‘Dr. Narendra Yadav’ is listed as the registrant of the site along with the email address ‘[email protected]’.

This shows a link between the website of njohncamm.com and the name – Narendra Yadav.

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We then searched for “Dr. Narendra Yadav” and found blog posts with his name by Braunwald Hospitals which had the same description as N John Camm’s website. The posts are from July 2019. Except for the name, most details mentioned were similar.

The blog states that Dr. Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav set up Braunwald Healthcare. It also said that Yadav completed his “MRCP (Member, Royal College of Physicians)from prestigious St.Georges Hospital London(UK)in year 2001. He received extensive training in Interventional Cardiology under Dr. A John Camm.” (sic)

While the website njohncamm.com has no mention of Dr A John Camm, the blog does. Click here to view an archive.

Dr A John Camm denied knowing anyone named Dr Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav when contacted by BOOM.

Evidence of plagiarism

We also found one of the blog posts titled, “Dr.Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav :“Embrace digital education and adapt it to improve patient care” published on June 27, 2019, was plagiarised word-for-word from a February 2019 article in Cardiovascular News.

The above piece has been plagiarised from an article written by Xavier Rosselló and Dipak Kotecha for Cardiovascular News.

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Dr Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav’s run-in with the law

Several news reports from May 2019 state that Dr Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav, chairman of Braunwald Hospitals was arrested by the Rachakonda police (Telangana) from Chennai based on a cheating case filed by his employees.

Rachkonda Police had tweeted on May 25, 2019, saying, “Arrest of Chairman #Brounwald_hospitals (A1)Dr Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav for cheating of employees by @kushaigudaps His wife Deputy Vice Chairman Divya Rawat(A2) is #absconding.”

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Archives of Braunwald Hospitals’ website show Narendra Yadav is N John Camm.

Using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, BOOM was able to retrieve archives of braunwaldhospitals.com.

Dr Narendra Yadav and Divya Rawat are listed under the Board of Directors in the About Us section of the site. Yadav is also listed as the chairman.

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In March 2023, Dr Rohin Francis, a consultant cardiologist drew several connections between the Twitter handle Prof N John Camm and Narendra Yadav while pointing out that several defunct UK-based companies have Narendra John Camm as the director mentioning him as a cardiologist.

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We looked up the name ‘Narendra John CAMM’ on the UK government’s Companies House website and found the name listed in relation to four dissolved companies in the UK.

The four dissolved companies are John Camm Lifecare Limited (company number 11232486), Braunwald Alliance Limited (11230152), Braunwald Infra Ltd (11232416) and John Camm Healthcare Limited (11228908).

This can be seen below:

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Additionally, we also checked on checkcompany.co.uk and found that the names – Narendra Yadav, Narendra John Camm and Narendra Camm – are all listed as current or previous company officers for Braunwald Hospitals. This shows a clear connection between the three names and Braunwald Hospitals, including that they were born in September 1971.

Facial match of Narendra Yadav

Using a photo that we found on Braunwald Hospital’s website archive, we ran a face recognition search on the tool PimEyes. We first uploaded a single photo of Narendra Yadav which showed us seven other similar photos of Yadav whose facial features match with the photos of the Twitter account Prof N John Camm.

The results can be seen below.

“Narendra Yadav is a different person who sold me his company because of legal troubles”: Narendra John Camm to BOOM

BOOM also reached out to Narendra John Camm through email and WhatsApp using the number he tweeted in the past. He said he met Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath twice in June-July 2019 to set up cardiac centres.

Narendra John Camm denied all the allegations and claimed a rival cardiologist in the United States tried to malign him by linking his name to someone in Hyderabad.

“A rival cardiologist in US concocted stories and linked my name to somebody in India/ Hyderabad and posted on internet and thats what is being used as reference to malign me,” N. John Camm told BOOM.

But soon he contradicted himself by claiming Narendra Yadav was a different person who sold his company to him because of legal troubles.

“The said person is a completely different person who sold me his company because of his legal trouble,” he said.

“He sold company in 2019. Earlier it was Braunwald Hospital that I changed to John Camm healthcare by my name,” he added.

When BOOM asked him if he could share Narendra Yadav’s contact or provide a photo of the two of them together he said he lost touch with Yadav and that the former was in the UK but “no more in public life”.

He also claimed N John Camm was his name since birth but refused to provide any supporting documents to prove the same. Later on, he added he had 243 documents since birth to prove his identity and would “sue people who act otherwise.”

N John Camm said his wife’s name is Anita John Camm and that she is based in Germany with him.

When BOOM confronted him with the denial by Professor A John Camm at St. George’s University of London, he retorted by calling the professor an ‘idiot’.

“He is an idiot. No one told him my full name. Is Sushil Modi stealing the identity of Narendra Modi?” he retorted.

“N John Camm or Narendra John Camm are not BCS members”: British Cardiovascular Society to BOOM 

Narendra John Camm on his website claimed to be awarded membership of the prestigious British Cardiovascular Society. However, in an email reply on June 6, 2023, the British Cardiovascular Society said neither ‘N John Camm’ nor ‘Narendra John Camm’ are members of BCS.

“We have checked our database and N John Camm or Narendra John Camm are not BCS members,” a representative of the British Cardiovascular Society told BOOM in an email response.

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