Podcast: India’s Reputation Has Taken a Big Hit in Past Few Years, Narendra Modi is Using Fascistic Tactics to Win

In conversation with Jason Stanley, the author of 'How Fascism Works'.

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Is India a fascist country? Elections are held every few years, laws to protect freedom of speech still exist and in theory, the media is independent, even if many media outlets don’t want to practice it.

“It is not just about governments but also fascistic movements,” says Professor Jason Stanley of Yale University to Sidharth Bhatia in this podcast. Stanley is the author of How Fascism Works, which was written during the Donald Trump administration but talks about India’s Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which would have effectively stripped millions of Muslims from Indian citizenship. “Removing citizenship is a precursor to genocide,” he says.

Stanley, whose own grandparents were refugees from Nazi Germany, says “Savarkar and Golwalker explicitly followed the Nazi model”.