KCR Declares National Ambitions, Says 'Alternative Agenda' Needed to Counter 'Divisive' BJP

Speaking on the TRS's 21st Foundation Day, the Telangana chief minister accused the BJP government of adopting divisive politics to cover up its failures.

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New Delhi: Telangana chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) on Wednesday declared his intention to take on a national role, saying the country needs an “alternative agenda” in the face of the BJP’s “divisive politics”.

Speaking at the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)’s 21st Foundation Day celebrations in Hyderabad, KCR slammed the BJP government at the Centre, accusing it of adopting divisive politics to cover up its failures. What has Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved in his eight years in office, he asked.

For years, KCR’s intentions to take on a national role have been known. In the lead up to the 2019 general elections, he had floated the possibility of regional parties floating a “federal front” that would provide an alternative to both the BJP and the Congress.

Pitching for an “alternative agenda for nation-building”, he announced that his party will play a “key role” in it, adding that he will play his role to the best of his abilities in “saving the country”.

The BJP’s divisive politics need to be curbed, he said, adding that “the situation in the country is not nice, no one is satisfied … an alternative agenda for the people is required”.

He expressed concern over the Hindutva agenda, questioning how Hindus in the country could be in danger when the current president, prime minister, chief justice and most chief ministers are from the majority community.

“Cheap politics is being played in the country, while Muslim countries and the Christian-majority United States are making efforts to accommodate Hindus keeping their countries’ growth in mind,” KCR said.

“What has Modi done in the past 8 years? What are the achievements? In agriculture, power, drinking water, tribals, women – nothing has been done,” the Telangana CM charged.

The Modi government is “spreading lies and trying to polarise the country for political mileage”, which will have undesirable consequences, he warned, adding that the country has fallen in all developmental parameters.

“If law and order collapses, the country will regress. We have to oppose this. We have to save our country,” he said and asserted, “on behalf of our state and since our state is part of the country, I will play a role to the best of my abilities.”

Stating that India has the potential to surpass the US if the country has a conducive environment, the TRS chief said, “We can achieve 100% victory. To set an agenda for the nation, I will work as a soldier.”

During the celebrations, the TRS also adopted a number of resolutions, including one that backed itself for a key role in national politics, two years ahead of the next Lok Sabha polls. The resolution said the party should play a key role in national politics for the wider interest of the country as the BJP is exploiting “communal sentiments” for its political convenience.

Moving one of the 13 resolutions, TRS working president K.T. Rama Rao – KCR’s son – alleged that the NDA government has failed on all fronts and described it as a “non-performing asset (NPA)”.

“Be it employment, fuel price rise, farmers’ issue like paddy procurement and even foreign policies, the NDA-led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a failure,” Rama Rao, who is also the state’s IT minister, charged.

Asserting that the situation should change, Rama Rao said the TRS should gear up to play a vital role in bringing about a qualitative change in the country.

In the meeting, attended by around 3,000 delegates, TRS also passed a resolution calling for a fight against the “undemocratic attitude” of the BJP-led Union government, saying it eroding the federal values enshrined in the constitution of India.

Besides, the party passed a resolution to fight against bigotry to preserve the culture of harmony in the country and that it should fight against religious fanaticism.

It also resolved to control prices, which has put an “unbearable burden on the poor and middle class”. The Bill to provide 33% reservation for women in the legislature should be passed and implemented in parliament, and called for the establishment of a Backward Caste Welfare Ministry under the Union government, other resolutions said. It also supported the census of backward classes.

Speaking about these resolutions, KCR said the party has reflected a sentiment that “not only Telangana (but) the entire country should grow”.

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