'Is This Sanatana Dharma?' Udayanidhi on President Murmu's Absence at New Parliament Inauguration

The Tamil Nadu minister also said Droupadi Murmu was not invited to the new parliament because she is a tribal and a widow, while pointing out that some 'Hindi actors' were invited to the new parliament.

New Delhi: Continuing his attack on Santana Dharma, Tamil Nadu minister Udayanidhi Stalin sought to know if it was prescribed by Santana Dharma to not invite President Droupadi Murmu, a widow and tribal, for the inauguration of the new parliament building.

“The new parliament building was inaugurated. They (Bharatiya Janata Party) got the Adheenams from Tamil Nadu for the inauguration, but the President of India was not invited because she is a widow and is from a tribal community. Is this Sanatan Dharma?” Udayanidhi asked pointedly at an event in Madurai on Wednesday, September 20.

“We will continue to raise our voice against it,” he also said.

The parliament building was inaugurated in the presence of 21 Hindu priests (Adheenams from Tamil Nadu) who carried the Sengol, a gold-plated silver spectre that was installed in the new parliament. However, President Murmu was conspicuous by her absence, prompting the opposition to question the government for not inviting her and not letting her inaugurate the new building.

While President Murmu was not invited, Udayanidhi said some “Hindi actors” were invited to the new parliament, referring to Kangana Ranaut and Esha Gupta who visited the parliament on Wednesday, September 20 – the day when the first session was held in the new parliament building.

“Even yesterday, they had invited film actresses for a Bill introduction, but not the President… We advocate that all are born equal. Hence, annihilating Sanatan is our aim,” Udhayanidhi asserted, underlining the reasons for the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s (DMK’s) stance on the matter.

He also said, “I will not be threatened by priests who call for my death and declare a price on my head.”

After his earlier statements in which he said Santana Dharma is like dengue and malaria which needs to be eradicated, Udayanidhi received death threats. Notably, Ayodhya seer Paramhans Acharya announced a reward of Rs 10 crore for anyone who beheads him. There has been a huge backlash against Udayanidhi’s comments from Hindutva groups and also from the BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He also used his attack on Sanatana Dharma to hit out at his rival party in the state, All India Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK). “Do you (AIADMK) have the courage to say all that Annadurai spoke? Whether it’s about Sanatan or the federal system, only we are upholding everything that Annadurai stood for, not AIADMK,” he said.

Both Udayanidhi’s party, DMK, and the AIADMK consider former chief minister C.N. Annadurai as their political guru.