Congress Leader Comes Under Criticism for Tweet Comparing Daughters to Problems

The BJP was quick to slam Patwari, calling his tweet "highly misogynistic" and projected daughters as "unwanted".

Bhopal: Congress leader Jitu Patwari on Wednesday landed in controversy as his tweet aimed at criticising the BJP was accused of being misogynistic.

The former Madhya Pradesh minister said that the BJP had given birth to five “daughters” – demonetisation, GST, inflation, unemployment and recession – in its bid to beget a “son” called development.

The BJP was quick to slam Patwari, calling his tweet “highly misogynistic” and projected daughters as “unwanted”.

After a controversy, Patwari, however, deleted the tweet late on Wednesday night and expressed regret.

The BJP and several other social media users took strong exception to Patwari’s Twitter post.

In a tweet addressed to the chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW) Rekha Sharma, BJP’s national spokesman Sambit Patra tagged Patwari’s post and said, “Please take note of this highly misogynistic tweet of an elected representative which projects daughters as unwanted & in most regressive manner. This should not go unpunished!”

Under criticism, Patwari clarified that daughters were “divine” for him.

“As far as daughters are concerned, they are like Goddess. With the expectation of development, I have made a tweet which BJP is using to hide its weaknesses. I am still saying that the entire country is waiting for development,” he said.

In another tweet, Patwari said, “Modi ji broke the back of the country’s economy by demonetisation, GST, inflation, unemployment and recession. The public endured all this only in the hope of development. I regret if my tweet, with above mentioned intentions, hurt the sentiments of anybody.”

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also reacted strongly to Patwari’s tweet and criticised it.